“Are you sick of begging for art sales, slugging it out for clients, getting your head bashed in, and struggling on the outer fringes of success?

Then there is ONE massive advantage that shifts all the power from the other guy’s corner to yours.”

Dear Online Art Marketing Professional:

If you are trying to earn your bread by winning over skeptical art buyers, collectors, clients and customers in a hyperspeed, competitive marketplace, then these 10 things are definitely on your HATE LIST:

  1. You hate it when you need to close a sale – because you can’t walk away from stinky business deals. Time-vampire customers suck your brains out and devour your soul like fried chicken.
  2. You hate competing on price. Shaving pennies with bargain hunters with no regard for quality, sucks. Being the lowest bidder. Last week you took an art order at some ridiculous cut-throat price. You said to yourself, “I’m going to pay for this.” Actually all you did was push your cash flow woes into next month – knowing it’ll be worse then than it is now. You pray some ‘bluebird’ sale comes through later to patch up your cash flow.
  3. You hate it when having a superior product effectively works against you. People get overwhelmed by the choices and they’re not sure who to choose. They pick the guy that tells them some happy-happy-joy-joy story. Unfortunately, the guy they picked wasn’t you.
  4. You hate it when people choose some big dumb company over you just because “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” You work your ass off for your customers and the Big Dumb Company’s service is mediocre and their products stink. They get the business anyway. Ain’t it great?
  5. Prospects assume you can’t deliver the goods… a competitor you know is inferior, they think is superior. The customer goes with your rival. You helplessly watch the sale evaporate. Six months later the customer calls you & tells you their project is an unmitigated disaster. The customer is livid, but it’s too late to re-start the project and pick YOU.
  6. You hate it when a hot prospective customer Googles your company and finds some moaner on a discussion forum (you bent over backwards to solve her problem but she slammed you anyway) – and you lose business. They know nothing about the hundreds, even thousands of satisfied customers you serve.
  7. You hate sending emails that go into black holes; making phone calls that get blocked by gatekeepers, mailing big fancy packages to potential art galleries, art directors or clients and getting silence; doing Joint Ventures with pond-scum promoters who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag; product launch attempts that go nowhere for lack of cooperation; begging for links from other websites, getting the scraps.
  8. You hate that when your Google traffic stops, your business stops. You wish you had some kind of air cover, some kind of “Good Karma” that would rain customers on you even when you’re not paying through the nose for clicks.
  9. You hate angling for slots as a conference speaker and standing in line for thin rations of your customers’ time. You hate making repeat phone calls to prospects to “follow up”; you hate feeling needy.
  10. You hate it when people automatically believe your competition instead of you – because they’ve got more magazine articles, more links, more testimonials, more visibility, more STREET CRED.

Ships that Don’t Come In

You hate it when you think about the stereotype of the starving artist. Don’t you just get hopping mad or scared to death when your friends or family jokingly call YOU a starving artist?

Listen, I will be honest with you. I hate to have to admit this, but sadly, the starving artist is a stereotype because it’s true.

The New York Times once reported that “most artists have given up by the time they are fifty years of age.”

If you’re an artist, you’re lucky if anything happens in ten years. You’re lucky if anything happens your entire miserable life.

But despite these oppressive and ominous odds, many new and emerging artists work hard at their craft. They spend hours in their studios perfecting their techniques, working hard to create their beautiful masterpieces.

They think they will be one of the “lucky few” who make it to the “Promised Land” of financial success.

But the ships never come in for the vast majority of these hard-working artists. They never stumble upon the right art dealers or art collectors.

They never get their well-deserved moment in the spotlight. They never get their chance to be “discovered.”

And, sadly, their art careers flounder.  As a result, their beautiful work ends up collecting dust in an attic.

Their genius is lost forever.

They reluctantly and bitterly give up their cherished art careers for more “practical” career directions. They move on and become teachers, retail sales people, or other careers unrelated to the arts.

A Long, Hard Road….

I learned this stuff the hard way. My first few years in sales were a long, hard road.

First sales job: I was a manufacturer’s rep and I was selling this Very Cool network technology that I thought everybody ought to get their hands on. It was exponentially better than “the conventional way of doing things” and I was just sure customers were going to snatch this out of my hot little hands.

They weren’t buying… but they were at least listening. (OK, I gotta qualify that. Some of them were listening between bites of free pizza after I’d bought for them, after I’d pounded through gatekeepers and begged for appointments just to get in front of them. Sure they were listening… with skepticism.)

“Just wanted to say thanks for a truly impressive “tweet” campaign for my art gallery opening. I don’t know what the ingredients of your secret sauce are, but they work! Thanks!” @nancymense

I pounded the pavement for months, educating every company I could find about the marvelous benefits of this hot new technology. I crisscrossed the country in my beige Ford Taurus seeking anyone who would listen to me.

I sponsored lunch & learns, Dog & Pony Shows, demonstrations…. catered lunches, gave impassioned presentations… I pumped myself up in the mirror every day. “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and people like you.”

I reassured myself, “Dude, one of these days all these deals are gonna start popping and yer gonna get yerself some mighty fine commission checks.”

At one point I started to notice that every time I went to see a customer, I would see a little book on his desk. My competition had written a booklet and they were offering it for free in all the trade magazines etc.

Their handy little book was going out everywhere. It was saturating the industry. My competition was cherry-picking the best customers and wowing them with great demonstrations and credibility.

One by one, all those “awesome deals” I was about to reel in started falling apart.

Again and again customers would wanly smile and shake my hand. “Gary, we decided to go with BRAND X instead. But thanks for all the information and advice. It helped us a lot, really it did.”

You’re welcome, sir. Glad to have provided the wonderful education and free doughnuts.

I would drive home and tell my long-suffering wife I’d lost another sale.

My competitors completely ate my lunch. Ain’t it fun, living out “Death Of A Salesman” every day? I did not get one single technology sale, even though I broke the ice and did a year of costly missionary work.

It was a hard, hard lesson in something that I would someday become an expert in:

Building Credibility.

One of the most powerful spells your competitors can ever hold against you is to seem like they’re “everywhere.” Nobody can go anywhere in your industry without hearing their name repeatedly… bumping into their information… getting their perspective instead of yours.

If you’re on the negative side of that equation, you do the hard, back-breaking missionary work and SOMEBODY ELSE swoops in at the last minute and steals the sale.

If you’re on the positive side of that equation, other people do the hard, back-breaking missionary work and YOU swoop in at the last minute and steal the sale.

(Which way do you want it?)

If your art career in any way relies on your knowledge, expertise or credibility, then there is ONE advantage that instantly makes you superior to all your competitors. This advantage moves your products off the shelf, lands you the hottest gigs, pays you the highest fees, and even generates links to your website every single day. It stimulates a cycle of success that spikes your income.

What is that ONE advantage?

That one special advantage I’m talking about is:

Art Niche Celebrity Status.

If you want financial success, the fastest way to get there is to become just a little bit famous.

I’m not talking about being “Tom Cruise” or “Jennifer Aniston” or “Lady Gaga” famous. If you’re out to become that famous… I’m not the guy who can show you how to do that.

You don’t have to be anywhere near that famous. I mean being a “famous person that nobody’s heard of.” Niche ‘n Famous. You becoming a celebrity in your own teeny tiny corner of the world… the corner that gives you money.

I’m heart-attack serious. When you’re the most celebrated person in your niche, you’re almost automatically the highest paid and most sought-after. You get first right of refusal on the best deals. You get invited to almost every big gallery opening, seminar, headline event and luxury suite “insider’s cocktail party” for free.

You don’t chase customers. Customers chase you.

You’re not the lowest bidder. You’re the highest bidder.

Customers trust you instead of trusting everybody else.

Once I mastered this, my days of doing dog & pony shows and lunch & learns and back-breaking missionary work were OVER. My competitors were doing that now, not me. My life as a sales person completely turned around.

Seriously, in 24 months I….

  • Became famous in a tiny micro-industry – well known in a niche within a niche within a niche
  • Customers came to me on their own initiative, trusting me, liking me, asking for advice on critical buying decisions and listening to the answer I gave them
  • Customers automatically rated my advice higher than my competitors
  • Articles in 14 different blogs & online pubs
  • Other companies in the business sought to ride my coat tails, seeking access to my customers
  • First-name basis with the key industry leaders, writers and trade organizations
  • Monthly back-page column in an industry magazine
  • Lunch & dinner invites at every trade show
  • Interviewed industry leaders for a client’s quarterly newsletter
  • Started a trade association
  • Signed a book deal
  • The same day I quit my job I had 2 offers of job interviews by 5pm – and I hadn’t even told anyone I was gone yet!
  • Left my job and started Gary Bolyer Fine Art – replaced my income in 19 days
  • Landed a client who paid me a total of $250,000 in consulting fees

Two thirds of this happened while I was still “working for The Man.” I was ‘just a sales manager’ at my job. I wasn’t a VP or VIP or president or CEO or anything like that. Just a guy who had to sell for a living and meet monthly quotas.

“Thank you for the excellent campaign featuring my website. Phenomenal exposure for my new paintings. You’re great!” @suzannejaspers

The Man benefited from all this too, trust me. We used low cost advertising, publicity and savvy PR strategies to grow that business 20X in four years. All that publicity sure didn’t hurt him when it was time for him to sell his company for $18 million.

When you’re the widely-recognized niche celebrity, everybody wants to buy from you.
Not only that, you’re surrounded by fans when you get there. In some businesses, yes, that can mean autographs, book signings and cell phone photos with you.

If you have the desire and inclination, you may even have the choice of becoming a bona fide rock star in your business. Every now and then someone will invite you to Spago’s in LA in a stretch limousine, complete with sixteen dollar martinis and caviar. Not every day – not necessarily even every year – but it can and does happen on occasion.

THE NICE PART IS: Most of the time, you get to be just a regular guy or gal. No paparazzi in your front yard. Nobody accosts you when you go to the grocery store or hair salon. Your neighbors have no clue! They just wonder why you seem to be hanging around the house all day in your sweats, drinking iced tea with your laptop on the patio.

It’s sweet. You can be an ordinary guy most days of the year and only be famous when you wanna be.

I’ve activated the Niche Celebrity Status for myself not once but twice. The first time was my trial run. I became an expert in a teeny-tiny niche called “industrial networking.” Yep, the same industry I’d been a loser in 2 years earlier. My life as a sales person really did turn around in a most gratifying way.

I would never go back to doing things the old way. Ever.

Now I have to admit, the word ‘celebrity’ is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s not like anybody was dreaming of meeting me someday. Nevertheless even as an industrial equipment salesman, I would occasionally get tongue-in-cheek calls from my friends in the business who’d say, “Is this the world-famous Gary????” Because they’d seen me in yet another magazine. Always got a chuckle out of that.

Not only have I done this twice but I have helped dozens of people just like you do it in their own niches, as you can see in the testimonials on this page. All of these individuals command significantly higher fees than others in their niche.

If you want a high six-figure to low seven-figure income… this sure ain’t a bad way to do it.

Note to self:
“Live the success story you will someday tell.”

Suddenly the dramas, the stupidity spasms and the near fatal crashes in my job and biz… and the smart moves, the wins and the great ideas… the psychotic boss who wanted to slice my fingers off… all these things were no longer random elements on some senseless meandering path. They became the foundation of the art and consulting business I would someday own.

This entirely changed the way I saw my future. I began to alter my present reality because I started to view it from the standpoint of: “Someday when I’m telling this crazy story on a stage somewhere, this is going to be really funny.”

I hope you can appreciate how much mental baggage I shed during that time. Remember, back then I’d spent 5-6 years getting absolutely nowhere as a salesman and entrepreneur. I’d drank multiple pitchers of pink koolaid and I was untangling myriads of lies. I was emotionally recovering from a choking string of failures. I was deep in debt. I severely doubted myself and was now just beginning to get traction at my new job.

A Sale is Won or Lost
Before You Attempt to Sell Anything.

Forget “level” playing fields. Personally I prefer to have a wholesale advantage over everyone else. I want the game to be as unfair as possible. I want my rivals and competitors to seem puny by comparison. Don’t you?

An UN-level playing field, an unfair advantage, is the easiest way to make the big bucks.

There are all kinds of books on negotiating, but the best position is to never have to negotiate in the first place. The best position is to be positioned as the premier person, the star attraction, the go-to-guy, the go-to-gal.

The best terms are your terms, not theirs.

Why not just decide to write your own ticket?

When you have even just a little bit of celebrity (no matter how tiny your market is) you have an automatic advantage every time you sit down at the negotiating table. Clients automatically respect you instead of being suspicious. They don’t shop you for price. They respect your advice instead of constantly questioning it.

This new level of respect is the healthiest, most edifying thing you can experience as a business person. Wouldn’t your day, your week, your year would be a whole lot better if you had a steady trickle of people sending you emails and blog comments and tweets saying “I absolutely love your stuff, it’s fantastic” and “You changed my life for the better and I just can’t thank you enough!” Wouldn’t that be infinitely better than a constant struggle to assert your adequacy?

Everyone should experience that kind of encouragement and validation at least once in their life. And hey… even better if it’s every week or every day.

As long as you don’t let it go to your head, or somehow trick yourself into thinking you’re “bulletproof,” a dash of celebrity might be the best thing that ever happened to you. What would it be like if people treated you as though every day was your birthday?

What would it be like for you to be praised in public – by writers in magazines, by bloggers, in Twitter messages and blog comments and discussion boards? What would that do for your confidence?

There’s enough people trying to tear each other down. How about a culture of building people up?

“Wow, talk about fast results.  My art images went viral just a few minutes after my campaign was launched. You can bet I’m gonna keep coming back for more stardust.” @ArtFantasy

Critical Success Ingredient

There’s a vital force in marketing that I call “compression.” It works like a diesel engine.

A diesel engine doesn’t have spark plugs; the compression of the cylinders creates pressure and temperature all by itself, that causes the fuel to ignite. Diesel engines are notoriously hard to start, and in super cold climates like Alaska, you don’t dare turn it off in the winter. You literally let the truck run for six months.

But the good news is, with a tiny trickle of fuel, that engine purrs like a kitten all winter long. And when you mash down on the accelerator, a 500 horsepower engine roars to life.

The key force in that Diesel Engine is: THE COMPRESSION CYCLE.

When the air+fuel mixture compresses in that cylinder, it explodes, driving the cylinder forward and firing the next cylinder one eighth of a rotation later.

The marketplace equivalent of diesel engine compression is: DEMAND.

As long as demand exceeds supply (which is easy, since the supply is inherently limited) you can achieve enormous levels of compression with very small inputs. You enter a self-reinforcing cycle that, just like a diesel engine idling at 3am in Alaska, can be summoned to perform at will.

Demand for your time. Demand for your services. Demand for your expertise. Demand for YOU.

I can help you start that diesel engine. There’s no better asset than having that engine produce money for you, 24/7/365.






There’s another non-obvious benefit: It’s a LOT easier to get links to your website (and Tweets and Facebook Posts and blog comments on your articles and everything else) when you’re considered an authority and have a touch of the celebrity stardust. It often happens automatically, rather than you having to…. beg. And even with big sites and big authorities, there’s still no begging, just trading favors.

Google gives preference to Authority Sites. What better way to be considered an authority site than to actually be an authority? People will come up to you and say “Hi, aren’t you _____?”

That happened to me personally for the first time at a wedding last year. A guy had driven from Tennessee to New York City to see his friends get married. He came up to me and said, “Hey, aren’t you Gary Bolyer?”

My wife smiled and said, “Well I guess it had to happen sooner or later.”

He asked a few questions, we talked business for awhile, and then we went on with Erin and Alex’s fabulous celebration.

Denise bragged to her friends about her quasi-famous husband. You’ll like having your spouse brag about you, too.

The Power of Raving Fans

There are hidden advantages to having having fans. Sure, it’s great to have people who rave about you. But the benefits go far deeper than that.

One is, you always have a network at your disposal 24/7/365 from which you can draw other kinds of expertise. The people in that network are positively disposed to do business with you and will work overtime to make sure you get a fair deal.

Last year my bookkeeper and accountant made grievous accounting mistakes, which in turn created tax problems. My taxes got filed 6 months late. The IRS was, um, unhappy about that. I needed a tax negotiator.

I found out the hard way that it is not easy to find a good IRS negotiator “on demand.” Not even if you get personal referrals from CPA’s and attorneys. Plus, most of the firms I found on the radio, TV and Internet were borderline scam artists.

“The Stardust Effect is worth its weight in gold! Where else can you get real stardust?” @pinkarts

So I decided to write about my woes in my newsletter. Thought it would make a good object lesson… and maybe attract some help.

Sure enough, a guy submitted a support ticket and said, “I can help” and he did. All of this was made infinitely easier by having access to a responsive audience.

The Leapfrog Principle

You don’t have to slog it out for years and years until you finally have the qualifications to be appointed by somebody else as the expert. Normally, that ‘somebody else’ is a competitor anyway and has a vested interest in slowing you down. You can leap frog above all those guys.

I am not advocating becoming a fake expert. We all know what it’s like to spend money with people like that. What I’m talking about is removing the barriers to your advertising and selling your true capabilities to the world.

In just a few months, you can significantly advance your career regardless of whether you’re a sculptor or if you’re selling tattoos.

When You’re The Art Niche Celebrity, You’re the Last Guy To Starve

If the economy was so bad that ALL the psychologists went out of business, Dr. Phil would be the last guy with an empty office.

(Yeah, I know, Dr. Phil mostly just spouts old phrases from the 50’s like if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy and I know most psychologists’ anger issues get triggered when you mention his name. But he’s VERY famous and he WILL be the last therapist in the world to starve.)

When competitors charge less than you, people automatically assume they’re inferior. Even if they’re not. The single best way to position yourself is to charge $300+ per hour.

It’s Easier to Win a Duel When You’re an Expert

One time a skeptical woman wrote to one of my mentors and said, “So who are you, where did you come from and why should I listen to you anyway?”

He spent four pages of his newsletter answering that question. Yeah, she pushed his buttons and I think she got under his skin. But he had a perfect platform for answering that question in full, granular detail, reinforcing his position with his audience. Brilliant.

You almost always have items in your resume that nobody will ever find out about unless you’re challenged in public. Take the public challenge and it reinforces your credibility across all realms.

Publicity savvy people transform this into yet another art. They actually have fun debating other experts in public, gaining attention as people watch the ping pong ball go back and forth.

When you’re an Art Niche Celebrity, customers must QUALIFY for your time

When your customers know they have to meet certain qualifications to do business with you, it escalates the quality of the relationship. If you’re consulting or advising, compliance goes way up and complaints go down. Doing business with you becomes a privilege.

Doing business with you SHOULD be a privilege. You are special. You do know things that nobody else knows. Isn’t it time to master the secrets of positioning your uniqueness?

Hire the very best in the world & have a world class team

Possibly the greatest internal business advantage to being an art niche celebrity is being able to acquire the best:

  • The best art galleries
  • The best clients and collectors
  • The best vendors
  • The best events & conferences
  • The best TEAM MEMBERS

People want to work with the best and work FOR the best. When you’re a niche celebrity you have the ability to magnetically attract the finest in the world.

A year and a half ago I decided it was time to undertake a major business expansion. I decided to hire an Affiliate Manager and a Content Czar. I had the extraordinary advantage of being able to go to my own customer list in search of those people.

(This would be just as true if I were a musician, a fashion designer or a biologist. You can have a following no matter what you do.) If you’ve got expert status and a following, then people know you, like you, trust you, and want to work with you.

I blasted an email to my customers inviting people to apply. To stem the tide, I charged a $25 application fee. Between the two positions I got 29 applicants. I ran them through a ‘maze’ of activity and eventually filled both positions.

Additionally, I found among the applicants an Operations Manager.

Every single one of my three new team members understood my way of looking at the world, how we do things, how we think. They share my values and my ambition to be the best in my industry. We’re proud of who we are and what we do. There’s a ton of education that was already done.

Again, when you’re a Niche Celebrity in your business, you can do this too. You might even get away with charging an application fee. (In our case it was absolutely necessary to weed out the ‘riffraff’ and keep Jeremy from being deluged with applications. It worked because only people who thought they had a chance of winning bothered to apply.)

Hobnob with Authorities in Your Field

A personal friend of mine was a little intrigued at the idea that I had ‘fans.’ (Your friends will find this intriguing, too. They Google you and comb through a few pages and they say, ‘Geez, I had no idea…’ Then they sort of shake their head with a puzzled look in their face…. then they say, “Wow, I guess I know a famous person.”)

So anyway, she asks me, “So what’s it like to be famous? Do you like having all these fans?” I said, “The fans aren’t really that big of a deal. I have a responsibility to lead them in the right direction. But one advantage I definitely like is: people return your phone calls.”

Personally I think that’s a good enough reason to be an Art Niche Celebrity, all by itself. Also, industry news finds its way to you MUCH faster than it reaches the average guy.

For the most part I’m actually a little insulated. I’m not into gossip columns, I don’t subscribe to all that many email newsletters and I’m hardly the most social guy at the bar. But if I need to know it, somebody almost always tells me. That’s nice.

“Big Thank You to @GaryBolyerArt for the Stardust Effect.  I got 3 new clients this morning for my freelance graphic design business.  The results were immediate.” @DeannaSlattery

Speaking at Seminars & Conferences

I know about the famous survey from way back when that says peoples’ #1 fear is public speaking. I’m not sure this is really true, though certainly some people are obviously afraid of it. Most of the entrepreneurs I know LOVE the stage and will go anywhere and do anything to speak to a few hundred people.

It’s a fantastic positioning tool.

There’s an old adage that says, “Look at the average income of your friends, cuz that’s going to be your income 5 years from now.” I think there’s a lot of truth in that. When you’re a Niche Celebrity your peer group definitely changes, as does your income. And it doesn’t have to take 5 years.

My Challenge To You:

Devote one hour a day for the next year to Igniting your Art Niche Celebrity Status and see if your entire career and business doesn’t experience a QUANTUM LEAP.  I’ve created a one-of-a-kind plan to help you.

It’s called The Stardust Effect.  What is it?

The Stardust Effect

The Stardust Effect utilizes my many thousands of avid Twitter artist followers to Tweet and Retweet your art to Art Niche Celebrity status in a short amount of time.

You can be the art star you deserve to be right now. Imagine enjoying all the benefits of true Art Niche Celebrity status. And the best part is that it only takes minutes after your campaign is launched.  Talk about instant gratification. This is IT.

The Stardust Effect is a unique way to get the word out to the right people about your latest art, art website, art gallery opening, graphic design or freelance illustration business.

How does it work?

Sharing the Twitter Love

I Tweet your art, art event, art blog or website to my tens of thousands of genuine and loyal Twitter followers on my own Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s okay, it isn’t necessary.

I create a complete campaign for you and will post 10 Tweets per day. You select the number of days that your promotion will run.  I write the tweets, shorten links, include hashtags, and give you everything you need for a powerful Tweeter promotion.

Tweets are spread & orchestrated to get maximum exposure on Twitter, posted between 3 a.m. and 10 p.m. (EST).

Perfect for:

 art gallery openings and events ~ artist websites  ~ new and latest artwork promotion   ~ contest giveaways

Twitter parties ~ KDP promos  ~  ebook launches and promos

(Many of my clients report overwhelmingly successful eBook launches and art gallery opening promotions!)

Effective Twitter art promotion for artists, art galleries, photographers, graphic designers, freelance illustrators, writers, musicians

Why Twitter?

Twitter is now the #1 social media platform to place your Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, eBook, Freelance Illustration or Graphic Design, in front of a growing mass audience!  It’s the fastest way to get a viral buzz going about your art. Tweets and ReTweets can get your art and your name in front of thousands of the right people instantly.

Twitter is the place where Influencers gather. New ideas are launched and cultivated and conversations are engaged by these maverick thinkers.

Here are some pretty mind-boggling Twitter stats:

  • Twitter has 280M+ active users.
  • 55% of users access Twitter on mobile, with 40% growth quarter over quarter.
  • Twitter users create over one billion Tweets every three days.
  • 60% of Twitter users tweet; 100% are listening.
  • 79% of people follow brands to get access to exclusive content.
  • During this year’s Super Bowl, one in five commercials contained a hashtag.
  • Promoted Tweets get an average engagement rate of one to three percent.

How can I help you get your art seen on Twitter?

Gary Bolyer, Artist, Twitter top influencer, artist advocate

Gary Bolyer, Artist, Twitter top influencer, artist advocate

My name is Gary Bolyer.  Since 2009, I’ve been paying my dues and working hard to earn my Art Niche Celebrity status on Twitter.  I often spend up to two full hours a day on the site staying engaged with my family of followers.

I have diligently nurtured a loyal and active family of tens of thousands of *genuine* art-related followers.

I am a top Twitter influencer have been “Listed” by my avid art followers almost 500 times.  My Klout score is 56, which puts me in the top 10% of social media influencers.

Go ahead, check me out: @GaryBolyerArt

How did I get all my followers?  Well, first of all, I didn’t buy them. That was not the way I wanted to grow my community. There’s lots of places you can go online these days to buy followers, but frankly, I wouldn’t use any of them.  They all seem too shady, like scam artists to me. And probably most of the followers you end up buying are fake accounts set up by some boiler room in Nigeria.

So how did I do it? I got my followers the old fashioned way:  I earned them by diligently Tweeting, ReTweeting, engaging in real conversations and nurturing relationships.  That’s the only way I could see to get the kind of real art-related followers that I knew I needed.

When you engage with others about the arts, you get followers who are passionate about that subject.

This kind of real engagement with a loyal community just can’t be bought.

Thanks to my network of loyal and avid art lovers who promote on my behalf, I achieve an astounding 1 million unique Twitter impressions per month!

My tens of thousands of hand-picked worldwide followers include:

  • Art galleries
  • Art gallery directors
  • Art gallery owners
  • Avid art buyers and collectors
  • Art magazines
  • Art publishers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Art directors for ad agencies
  • Fine artists of every kind imaginable (painters, sculptors, watercolor artists, etc.)
  • Graphic designers
  • Freelance Illustrators
  • Crafts magazines
  • Craft artists of every kind

You could try and build your own Twitter following like I have done.  But it could take months, even years of diligent and persistent effort to assemble the perfect and adequate following.  I know all about how long it takes, cause I’ve been at this for years.

If you don’t want to spend months or even years to build your own following, there’s still hope for you to reach your Art Niche Celebrity status right now using the Stardust Effect (Keep reading to learn more about how it all works).  And in the process, you will begin to see your own growing community of real Twitter followers.

That’s one of the really nice by-products of being active on Twitter.  Engaging in Tweets and ReTweets on a regular basis leads to more and more followers.  So the Tweets that bring you your Art Niche Celebrity status also bring you new followers. It’s an endless and ever-growing spiral upward.  Sweet!

Oh yeah, one last thing I want to mention about my followers. If you’re thinking that a big chunk of fake ones somehow slipped in through the cracks without me noticing, think again.

My followers are all real people, with real accounts. There are many services that check for fake followers, and I use one to regularly to stay on top of this issue and delete any empty or fake accounts.  Usually, my analysis reads 98% real followers.

Why the Stardust Effect Works: The Secret Power of Association

For decades, advertisers have known about the power of association.  Put Michael Jordan in a pair of Nike tennis shoes and people will flock to buy those shoes.  Have a beautiful super model wear Victoria Secret lingerie and women everywhere will want that lingerie.

The power of association is undeniable.

Do you read Art in America, Art Forum, or any of the other major art magazines?  Do you happen to have one of those magazines right now?  If so, do me a favor and go get it.  Look at the first few pages at the front of the magazine.  What do you see?

“I highly recommend the Stardust Effect for global tweets and creating buzz. Professional and just GOOD people!” @BonnieConners

What you see are ads, right?  There are pages and pages of ads for art galleries from all over the world. Why are those ads there?  Why are so many art galleries paying premium prices for the front pages? One word: association.  They want their art gallery associated with the brand the art magazine has created and established.

You will often see art galleries promoting their new and emerging artists on these front page ads.

Why? Again, association.  The new and emerging artists who are promoted in the ads will be associated with the real art stars the art magazines are writing about.

A very interesting marketing study was undertaken a few years ago. The marketers asked readers of the art magazines for the names of art stars and celebrity artists that they knew best. Astonishingly, the readers cited not only the names of super-celebrity art stars who appeared in the articles of the magazines, but they also cited the names of emerging artists who were featured in the front page ads.

The power of association had linked the emerging artists to the real celebrity artists in the minds of the readers. As far as the readers of the magazines were concerned, the emerging artists were just as famous as the real art stars.

This is quite an amazing finding, don’t you think?

But if you’re like most emerging artists, you don’t have the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to buy a full-page front cover ad in Art in American magazine.  And you’re probably not in the lineup to have some art gallery shell out that kind of dough on you anytime soon.

But there is another way for you to get the power of association your art career so desperately needs and deserves. You can let me go to work for you building the perfect Twitter promotion.

It’s more than just tweets or clicks, it’s the Power of Stardust

When I tweet messages on your behalf, something magical begins to happen.  My status and Twitter clout becomes YOUR status and Twitter clout instantly through association, the Stardust Effect.

The power of my 1 million Twitter impressions starts working for YOU.

When I post Tweets about your art and art event, my readers will see it as endorsement from me.  But it’s more than just an endorsement, it’s the secret power of association, the Stardust, that ties YOUR reputation to mine.

This is the ONE massive advantage that shifts all the power from the other guy’s corner to YOURS.

Sure, you can pay through the nose and buy ads on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads or even on a Twitter promoted campaign, and get clicks to your site. But this just isn’t the same as a Stardust Effect campaign. It’s comparing apples and oranges.

When you pay high prices for Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, you just get clicks from random strangers who know nothing about you or your product and and are coming to your site with no reference of endorsement from anyone.

But when you get clicks from a Stardust campaign, the effect is quite different.  Your viewers are coming in on the wings of an endorsement from an established Twitter Influencer. It’s more like networking than just buying dry clicks from Google or Facebook.

Do you see the difference here? Where else can you buy Stardust?

The Stardust Effect: The Power of ‘Joe Sent Me’

Have you thought about how important networking is for your art career success?  Are you using the “clout” of your art world connections for your art career success?

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, it should be getting very clear by now that the most important resource people can offer each other is other people.

And it’s never more important than when your goal is to get in through the door of a closed professional art world.

Not all goals require clout.  But the mainstream art establishment does, and my network can help you get it.

I’m sure you’ve heard those conversations about how hard it is to get a good art gallery–or to get into medical school, or get a movie part, or get published, or get reviewed–that end with an angry sigh:  “It isn’t how good you are. It’s who you know.”

Damn right it is!

Some seeds have wings to travel on the wind; some have stickers for hitching a ride on animal fur or human clothing. The seeds of human genius happen to travel by a system of personal contacts.

Why sit around bemoaning that fact when you can put it to use for you?

I’m not saying that how good you are isn’t important  It is.  It just isn’t enough.  Talent or merit alone will rarely get you past the smiling receptionist, the protective secretary, the wary agent, the routine hiring or admissions screening.

A personal introduction to someone on the inside will. And that’s not because art gallery directors and owners are “corrupt.”  It’s because they’re human.  Like you, they tend to be a little suspicious of total strangers, but happy to meet anyone bearing the seal of approval of a respected colleague or a trusted friend.

Personal introductions are the strength of the old-boy network, the magic of the Stardust Effect.  And by drawing on the power of my network, you should never have to walk into a client interview, publisher’s office, art gallery director’s office, or record company cold.

And my loyal followers will ReTweet your messages, giving you their endorsement, sharing with you a bit of their own Stardust.

The more Tweets my followers see, the more clout and Art Niche Celebrity your art and brand name will gain.

So let me ask you a very simple question: How much Stardust would you like?

Just tell me how much “Stardust” you need! I’ll do all the rest.

  • I’ve made it so EASY to get started! Just pick the number of days’ promotion you would like from the order form below.  You will be taken to Paypal where you will checkout.  You will then receive an email with further instructions. Reply to the email as quickly as possible with the information it requests.
  • Then, in less than 24 hours, I will create a dynamic Twitter campaign for you. I will write all your tweets, shorten your links, add appropriate hashtags and upload your images.  All of these extras and expert help are included FREE of charge in the cost of your daily plan.
  • Block bookings do not need to be used on consecutive days ~ you have flexibility in when you use your days. And, of course, if you want to write your own Tweets, or If you have a last minute order detail change or wish to (briefly) discuss details, please email me prior to campaign launch.

How Much is All This Worth to You?

Back in 1998 when I first entered the New York City Art marketing arena, if someone had offered me secret inside information and endorsements to sell my art, I would have been willing to pay $5,000, $7,000 — even $10,000 to have the clout and reputation that would make me a 6-figure income per year. I’d have gladly paid that much instead of going through years of trial and error, and earning less income than I deserved.

How about you? How much is all this worth to you? What is the value of having a unique model for marketing your art business? What is it worth to have marketing tactics and strategies that no one knows about — but are fiercely powerful? What is the value of getting the single most important sales-producing strategy from a specialist who knows what works and doesn’t work?

As I mentioned earlier, I would have willing to pay $5,000 even $7,000 back then to have these secrets. I’m sure you realize that even at the full price of $25 per tweet, the Stardust Effect is worth every cent for all the sales you could generate as a result.

But the good news is that you don’t have to pay $25 per tweet. Your price is only $4 per tweet.

For a limited time, if you choose the 30 Day Stardust Plan, your art will be featured on the homepage of my art blog. But hurry, this is a limited-time offer and may be retracted at any time.

“Your Stardust Effect is truly magical and even addictive. Please sprinkle me with more of your magic.” @JosephBonnerGallery

How much Stardust Effect will you need?

How much Stardust Effect you need will depend on what you are promoting or planning. Here are my professional recommendations for various promotions and events.

Boost Your Art Sales This Holiday Season!

Boost your art sales this holiday season with a little touch of stardust. Let me tweet your eBay store, Etsy shop, website art gallery or art blog to success through the holidays with my proven formula for Twitter.

I’ll drive HUGE traffic to your eBay store, Etsy shop, website art gallery, or art blog.  See what my 1-million views can do for your online art business this holiday season.

1 to 2 Day Stardust Effect is best for:

  • Focused promotion for your new or latest artwork
  • Focused promotion for your best or favorite artwork
  • eBay auction (creating urgency and driving more traffic as the auction ends)
  • Latest blog article that you would like to announce and promote
  • Driving new traffic to old, dusty blog articles that no longer get much traffic or readers

In the 1 to 2 day Stardust Effect, I like to focus in on just one artwork or product.  This is an especially effective campaign for calling attention and creating buzz for your newest or best artwork or new product launch.

So if you have just loaded up a brand new artwork, or if you have a new piece that you are especially excited about, then this is a great campaign for getting the word out about these kinds of pieces.

Also, a 1 to 2 Day Stardust Effect campaign is especially effective for calling attention to an auction that is ending on eBay.  This campaign will focus on creating urgency and driving traffic to the ending eBay auction.

I can also count down hour-by-hour until the auction ends. An example of this kind of Tweet:  “Summer Stillness by Your Name.  eBay auction ending in 4 hours. Hurry, bid now: bitly.ze1y”

 3 to 5 Day Stardust Effect is best for:

  • Art gallery openings
  • Artist opening receptions
  • Special artist events such as charity fundraisers, silent auctions
  • eBook releases
  • Building email lists
  • Holiday sales and promotions for your eBay store or Etsy shop (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.)
  • Art website or blog brand-building campaign (3 to 5 days each month is recommended)
  • New product launches and releases.
  • Opening night performances (musicians, bands, actors, etc.)

The 3 to 5 Day Stardust Effect is great for art gallery openings, receptions, opening night performances and other special events.

For these kinds of special events and opening nights, one day of the campaign will run on the day of the event or opening. And the other days will be devoted to announcing the upcoming event.  Also, an additional 2 or 3 days is recommended after an art gallery opening or opening reception. This will continue to get patrons into the gallery show during the month’s run.

The 3 to 5 Day campaign is also perfect for building your email list. I will create Twitter buzz about your email newsletter and drive targeted traffic to your landing pages where readers can sign up.  A 3 to 5 Day campaign each month will keep your mailing list growing with new and active sign ups.

I also recommend a 3 to 5 Day campaign each month for branding your artist website or blog.  If you have a an art website or blog, then you need a monthly campaign to grow your brand name online

 30 Day Stardust Effect is best for:

  • Intense brand building for your established artist website or blog.
  • Intense brand building for your eBay store or Etsy shop
  • Focus can be spread out to several products in your website, shop or store.
  • Kick starting brand awareness for your new artist website, blog, eBay store or Etsy shop
  • Creating buzz and brand awareness for your new eBook or product launch

This intense campaign creates buzz and brand awareness for your art website, blog, eBay store or Etsy shop.

Many products (artworks, blog articles, eBooks) can be promoted during this 30 day campaign, with the main focus on the name brand of your store, shop, blog or website.

Whether your website, shop or store is established or just being launched, this intense campaign is for those who are serious about driving traffic and being successful online.

Your website will be featured for 30 days on the front page of my art blog, which receives about 200 to 300 unique visitors per day.

Also, your Tweets will be “pinned” to the top of my Twitter profile page, where they will receive top views from my Twitter followers.

SAVE 70% with Double Days

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SAVE 70% with Double Days.  For example, when you purchase a 3-Day Stardust Effect plan, you will SAVE 70% off full retail by getting 6 full days.  Wow! That’s right, a 70% SAVINGS off the full retail price and one of my best deals going this holiday season.

So don’t miss your chance to save big and build your art business at the same time.

Hurry! Sale ends Cyber Monday, November 30, 2015 (Midnight EST)

1 Day Stardust Effect $39
  • 10 Tweets
  • About 2,000 to 4,000 Unique Tweet Views
2 Day Stardust Effect $79
  • 20 Tweets
  • About 4,000 to 6,000 Unique Tweet Views
3 Day Stardust Effect $119
  • 30 Tweets
  • About 6,000 to 8,000 Unique Tweet Views
4 Day Stardust Effect $159
  • 40 Tweets
  • About 8,000 to 10,000 Unique Tweet Views
5 Day Stardust Effect $199
  • 50 Tweets
  • About 10,000 to 20,000 Unique Tweet Views
30 Day Stardust Effect $599
  • 300 Tweets
  • About 80,000 to 120,000 Unique Tweet Views
  • Featured on my art blog homepage

Boost Your Art Sales This Holiday Season!

Boost your art sales this holiday season with a little touch of stardust. Let me tweet your eBay store, Etsy shop, website art gallery or art blog to success through the holidays with my proven formula for Twitter.

I’ll drive HUGE traffic to your eBay store, Etsy shop, website art gallery, or art blog.  See what my 1-million views can do for your online art business this holiday season.

But hurry, time is ticking for you to get the holiday sales.  Don’t miss out this season.

This is The Most Effective A-Z Twitter Marketing Concept Available Anywhere… Guaranteed.

Because I’ve proven the profitability and power of the “Stardust Effect” a hundred times over, I’m not afraid to give you a three part personal promise:

  1. Exclusive – I promise that you won’t find a simple, complete program like this anywhere else in the world. Most of the strategies and ideas outlined are “Gary Bolyer Exclusives”. Certainly the presentation is unique to me. They have been worth millions to me and have made hundreds of millions for my clients and students. I want you to be next.
  2. Practical and Profitable – When you put these ideas to use as outlined, I promise that you’ll see a definite  jump in results.
  3. Confidence – I promise that you’ll see the results of “Stardust Effect” immediately. This is not confusing, fluffy nonsense. It’s not hype either. It is the real McCoy, tested and tried over thousands of marketing campaigns. Because you participated in this new marketing strategy, you’ll always know exactly what to do next to ensure maximum profits. Can you imagine gaining total clarity on your marketing and promotional campaigns? I promise that you’ll have it with this new approach.

If the “Stardust Effect” does not live up to this bold, three part promise, then email me and I’ll personally refund your money without question or quibble. But, I’m confident you’ll happily pay for the “Stardust Effect”, because it delivers.

I Restate the Guarantee:

If you do not feel that the Stardust Effect is the best All-Around Approach to How to Sell Art Online - The Complete Guide comes with a 60-day money back guaranteeOnline Art Marketing that you have ever laid hands on – superior to any book or course you have ever spent money on – then contact my office for a full and courteous refund.

This information is drawn from the best experiences of the most successful online marketers on the planet. I know this works because I follow these steps myself every day and I’ve seen them create stuff that’s nothin’ short of miracles for thousands of folks just like you.

Now You Have a Choice.

You can either continue to be frustrated and exasperated by noise and confusion… or you can clear the air, filter out the garbage, and get hammering on the few essential points that will allow you to dominate your corner of the world.

Seriously, if you want confusion, just check your email box. There’ll be another email from someone else promising to show you the “real” secrets. But if you’ve ever bought anything from me, you know my “signal to noise” ratio is as least as good as anyone out there.

I really think you’re going to feel this system is the most coherent STRATEGY for online marketing you’ve ever seen.

My “Stardust Effect” will give you the tools, resources, and steps to make profits happen in your online art business.

You have the opportunity of a lifetime to rock your online business this year. Don’t let this pass you by.

To Your Well-Deserved Success,





Gary Bolyer, Artist, Published Author, Top Twitter Influencer

P.S. Here are a few answers to questions that I get from artists about getting started with my plan…………

Frequently asked questions

How many Tweets will you get each day?

You are guaranteed 10 Tweets each day.  The number of ReTweets, Mentions, Favorites you receive will vary depending on how your images and artwork is received by my followers and the length of the campaign.

What is a Unique Tweet View?

A Unique Tweet View or Unique Tweet Impression occurs when one unique Twitter follower views or reads your Tweet.  When a Tweet goes live into the Twitter Timeline, it is instantly seen by many hundreds or even thousands of unique viewers who are reading the Timeline at that moment.  If a Tweet is ReTweeted, it is seen by additional hundreds or thousands of unique visitors who follow the one(s) who just ReTweeted.

On average, a single Tweet in an average campaign that is NOT ReTweeted will receive about 200 to 400 unique views from my followers. So, on average, 10 Tweets will result in about 2,000 to 4,000 Unique Twitter Views or Impressions. But, if a Tweet goes viral and is Retweeted, it can receive many thousands of additional unique views.

Who will write your Tweets?

I will write your Tweets for you at no additional charge.  I am a Twitter expert and Top Twitter Influencer.  You can trust that I will create a dynamic and powerful campaign. I take care of all the important details for you. I will shorten links, add hashtags, and schedule your campaign for you FREE of charge.

Can you write your own Tweets?

Yes, you can write your own Tweets.  You can submit Tweets you’ve written at the same time you buy your promotion package. Also, you can email me with Tweets you’ve written at any time at the email address you are provided with at checkout.

Do you need a Twitter account to participate?

No, you do not need a Twitter account to participate.  I Tweet all Tweets on my account to my avid art followers.

When will your campaign go live?

Your campaign is guaranteed to go live in less than 24 hours after we receive full and cleared payment from Paypal. If your campaign does not go live in less than 24 hours, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

Can I track my campaign?

If you have a Twitter account, we will include your Twitter username in most of the Tweets. This makes it easy for you to track the Tweets that we post for you and the response (ReTweets, Mentions, Favorites) that they are getting.