Enter to Win 1 of 5 Copies of How to Sell Art Online

To celebrate publishing my new eBook and my dedication to smart online art marketing, I’m giving away 5 copies of How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide. Click here to Enter the Contest Now!!!! In this book, you’re going to learn how to balance driving value for your audience and when to ask for […]

The Secret of All Genuinely Successful People

Did you ever go on a treasure hunt when you were a child, or read Poe’s “The Gold Bug”? Then you know the first thing you have to do before you can find the treasure is find the map. It may be hidden, it may be torn in half, or in a million pieces, but […]

Top 2 Art Marketing Ebooks

So, you want to sell your art? Here are my top 2 bestselling art marketing ebooks. Check out these art marketing ebooks and learn how to sell your art online and in art galleries. Secrets to Selling Art: What You Never Learned in Art School About Selling Your Work You’re going to want to know […]

3 Email Newsletter Tricks to Boost Business

Here are three autoresponder techniques that I have used successfully in my email newsletter.  Using these ideas in your email newsletter can help you make autoresponders a high art. Autoresponder Trick #1: I use Aweber, and I’ve noticed that the people who are truly interested will open up my Autoresponder emails 2+ times, some of […]

Why an Art Blog is the Key to Automated Sales

When I was a young pup in sales, my commission checks were pretty skinny. I would look around at the older guys in the rep firm I worked in, and try to imagine what it would be like to collect sizable commission checks for a sale I’d made a long time ago. Mike was an […]

Make ‘Em An Offer in Your Email Newsletter

Once you have your first few basic newsletter messages written, you will need to start experimenting with putting in a few offers.  These offers, of course, are going to be for your art and art information products. It may take some time and tinkering to get your product placement offers and pitches just right.  So […]

How Do You Convince People to Subscribe to Your Email Newsletter?

When you ask every reader to confirm that they want to receive your email newsletter (which you always should), you create both an opportunity and a challenge. It’s an opportunity because you end up with truly high-quality prospects who are much more likely to respond to your offers. But it’s a challenge to get folks […]

Art Blog, Group Art Site, or Personal Art Website? Which is Better?

Have you been thinking about joining the growing ranks of artists online?  But are you confused about which direction you should take on the internet? There are lots of directions you can take when it comes to promoting your art on the internet.  Some artists go with a group art site like Etsy, eBay, or […]

2 Key Elements Your Art Blog Must Have

Are you ready to get serious about your art blog?  Do you want your art blog to be successful and have lots of readers and subscribers? Then you need to focus on two key elements. What are they? The first key element that your art blog must have is being self-hosted.  The second key element […]