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The story behind Smart Art Marketing Pro

(5 years to finally crack the code)

For the first time, you are getting my complete proven step-by-step A-Z system to sell art online based on EXACTLY what I’ve done to generate a six-figure annual income in sales via blogging and online marketing.

I’ve spent the last 5 years creating a killer formula that now you will be able to copy 100%.

Everything from setting up your art blog and email newsletter to how to get folks to sign up to secrets to following up like a boss so the sales continue (and everything in-between).

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Here is what you will learn inside of Smart Art Marketing PRO (Step-by-freakin-step):

Module 1

  • Module 1 covers everything you need to know about setting up your art blog and running it the right way for maximum profit.
  • It covers all the technical stuff and makes it super-easy and fun to get up and running with your art blog in no time at all (usually less than 5 minutes).
  • But more importantly, it covers all the writing basics and gets you headed in the right direction with your content.
  • You will overcome your fear of writing and get down to the business of creating content like a PRO.


Module 2

  • Module 2 covers everything you need to know to set up your email newsletter the right way for maximum profit.
  • It shows you step-by-step how to create a newsletter that people will want to read.
  • It shows you how to turn your subscribers into raving fans and buying customers
  • It will show you quick and easy ways to get thousands of subscribers for your email newsletter, all mostly for FREE


Module 3

  • Module 3 covers all your art marketing basics
  • You will learn the importance of a lead magnet and how to create an effective one
  • You will learn the importance of a landing page and how to create the most awesome one possible
  • You will learn how to link up your social media and turn your followers into raving fans and buying customers


  • Module 4 covers advanced marketingModule 4
  • You will learn how to set up paid advertising to drive the most targeted traffic possible to your site
  • You will learn all about the different types of paid advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, etc.) and which ones are the most cost effective for artists
  • You will learn how to get tons of FREE traffic to your blog from social media (Hint: I’ve been using this with incredible results and you can do it exactly like me.)

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Here is everything you get in the Smart Art Marketing PRO course

Screenshot of Smart Art Marketing Pro Dashboard

Check out this screenshot of the Smart Art Marketing Pro dashboard. You’ll love the easy navigation and the fun course lessons.

  • 100% Digital Learning puts all the course material at your fingertips instantly. No waiting for books or discs to be delivered by your postman.
  • Course Overview of the online art business-building process.
  • Module-based Training Programs to facilitate step-by-step learning.
  • Tutorials containing practical tips and real-life examples of WORKING sites.
  • Screenshots
  • 52 full weeks of powerful course material
  • Printable Lessons
  •  Videos so you SEE how everything works!
  • 24/7 Access to all course materials so you can learn when it suits you.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of training modules.
  • Tutorial & Video Updates as required
  • Member Site Profiles. See what other community members are doing with their blogs.
  • Group Discussion Forum. Got a question? Students and staff will chime in to help you.
  • Artist Mastermind Group Forum 2 times per year you get your own private seat in our exclusive mastermind. Network with fellow artist/entrepreneurs from around the world. Learn what is working from other successful artists. These 1 hour forums are held live via webinar or teleconference.

You are never alone because we are making this journey with you. Connect with other like-minded artists in our group and discussion forums

  • The Artist Mastermind Group Forum is held 2 times each year Artist Mastermind
  • You will join with other like-minded people from around the world in this iron-sharpens-iron mastermind for members only
  • This forum is held via webinar and each member can fully participate
  • Case studies from the most successful students are shared and discussed by all participants
  • Problems are solved and discussed in detail
  • Networking and learning from other successful artists from around the world is what this mastermind forum is all about


Group Discussion

  • The Group Discussion is a private discussion forum for members only
  • If you have a question or comment, our seasoned participants and members will chime in to help you
  • Your questions are answered within 24 hours, and often within minutes
  • I have my cell phone set to alert me whenever someone leaves a question in the forum. I answer all questions personally, usually within 5 minutes.  Tell me, where else do you get immediate and superior customer service like this?

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“Thanks for sharing your insights. Your writing is well-researched, thoughtful and inspirational, and even as a seasoned artist I have found it helpful and refreshing.”     –  Alison Greyson

“We had a really difficult problem. Gary pulled our online art business apart and put it back together again. It’s going to completely transform our online business” – Daryl Grant

“Great advice here. Your advice sounds really practical for those of us who hope to make a living creating art. I started painting about a year ago, and it’s been an amazing activity for my free time. Growing my artwork beyond free time will surely take lots of persistence. Your materials are sound advice for us aspiring artists.” – Martha Forbins

“Much appreciation for the ‘timely’ information and motivation. I have been scratching my head, often for years, as to what is out of balance in my painting career. Your methods have put new light on my outdated marketing skills. Thanks to you, my passion to make and market my art is alive again. Much Thanks.”  – Christina Levin


What are the next steps and how much does it cost?

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Smart Art Marketing Pro could easily sell for $5,000 and it would be more than worth it.


Because just learning these strategies can help you create income for years and years and years. Once you understand the secret sauce and the strategies, you can do this over and over and over again.

This course can literally change your online art business.

And I could easily charge several thousand dollars for it (and it would be more than worth it) but I want to make this accessible and affordable for you (because this is such an important topic) so enrollment is just 12 payments of $39. You can also pay in full, a one-time payment of $397 and save 15% ($71).

This is the only time enrollment in Smart Art Marketing Pro will be offered this year. And it will never, ever be offered at a lower price. Now definitely is the time to get in.

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I personally guarantee that Smart Art Marketing PRO is simply the best art marketing course that you can buy on the internet. If it doesn’t measure up in any way please let me know any time within 30 days and I will give you a prompt and full refund – no questions asked.

If you have any questions about Smart Art Marketing PRO or the order process, please return to the home page of my blog and contact me there .

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Wishing you much prosperity and success,

Gary Bolyer

Published Author, Art Marketing Consultant

Who’s using Smart Art Marketing PRO?

Artists who are serious about taking their online art marketing efforts to the next level and who want to educate themselves about best practices successful artists are using online.

Why Smart Art Marketing PRO?

For the first time, you are getting my complete proven step-by-step A-Z system to sell art online based on EXACTLY what I’ve done to generate a six-figure annual income in sales via blogging and online marketing.

Is Smart Art Marketing PRO right for me? Meaning, will it “work” for me?

OK, so everyone’s situation is a little bit different and of course I can’t guarantee results (or some dudes with suits would probably show up to my door and we would have a problem), but I can give you the EXACT blueprint for success with this and all the tools, strategies and step-by-step hand holding.
Smart Art Marketing Pro is definitely for you if:
If you’ve never sold art online before and want to do it RIGHT (not waste years and tons of money on trial and error) OR
If you’ve sold art online before but really want to up your selling game OR
If you’re looking to sell more of your art products and programs (duh!) OR
If you don’t have your own product/programs YET but want to use these methods to make an offer before your product/program is created.
Smart Art Marketing Pro is specially designed for “us” …meaning artists/mediapreneurs. Folks who create art products, etc. 
Smart Art Marketing Pro is NOT for you if:
If you have a negative, crappy attitude, please don’t buy the course. Heh. Seriously, though.
If you aren’t an action-taker. The good news is Smart Art Marketing Pro can be implemented QUICKLY.
You just have to put in the work and follow it step-by-step.

What exactly do I get with the course? Does it come with a kitten?

Great question 🙂
First of all, no. You don’t get a kitten. (he..he)
As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the Smart Art Marketing Pro course. Yay.
-Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital, so you can login to access the content and take it on the go with you as well)
You get instant access to:
  1.  4 Awesome Step-By-Step Learning Modules
  2.  Bonus: How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide. This is my bestselling ebook. It is the companion guide to the online course. It is 8 chapters and 100 pages of pure online selling substance.
  3.  Bonus: Secrets to Selling Art – This is my bestselling ebook about breaking into the mainstream art gallery system. It will show you step by step how to break into the mainstream art gallery system, especially New York and Los Angeles. This is the exact *system* I used to get into my first art galleries in New York City. If I can do it, you can do it, too.
  4. Bonus: Artist Mastermind Group Forum and Private Group Forum – No need to go at it alone! The Artist Mastermind Group Forum and Private Group Community is JUST for Smart Art Marketing Pro students. Networking, support, feedback and more. You will get exclusive access with your enrollment.​

Is Smart Art Marketing Pro really step-by-step?

Absolutely! No guesswork.
Just follow the system.

Gary, what if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?

Smart Art Marketing Pro comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. I stand behind my programs because I want you to get results and in the rare event if you wanting a refund we have you covered.

What if I don’t purchase before Friday’s deadline at 11:59 PM Eastern? Will there be another time to enroll?

This is the only time Smart Art Marketing Pro will be offered in 2017. There are no evergreen sequences and I have no clue when I will open it up again (won’t be for a long time or at what price point…definitely won’t be less).
My advice is not to wait because you get access forever and this is the lowest price you will ever, ever pay.

Let’s do this! I’m ready to get my art marketing on. Where do I enroll before the deadline?

Enrolling is fast and easy. Just choose your payment option below.

Choose your payment option below to get started

12 payments of $39One Time payment of $397