Homesam pro course instructions

Welcome to the Smart Art Marketing Pro multimedia course.

This course is designed to give you step-by-step instructions on how to sell and effectively market your art and art products online.

You will start the course with this instruction page and the Course Overview.

How the Course Works: Dripping Content

Lesson 1 in Module 1 is the first lesson and is available immediately.  Each week, a new lesson (blog post, download or other material) is dripped into Module 1 in your account.

“Dripped” is just a fancy word in online course jargon and simply means that specific information will become available to you at a scheduled time.

It is important that content is dripped into a course such as this one. It assures that you progress through the course in the proper sequence and do not get overwhelmed with too much information at one time.  It also assures that you have the highest quality interaction with the learning materials.

Once you have finished Module 1, the course material will begin to be dripped into Module 2, and so on until you have finished the course.  It take 12 months to completely finish all modules in this course.

You will receive an email notification each time new material becomes available.   The emails may also contain course information and instructional materials.  So create a folder for these emails so that you can refer back to them easily. You confirmed your subscription to this email when you registered.

Once you have been given access to instructional information, it will be available to you as long as you continue to subscribe to the course.

There are 4 Learning Modules in this course.  They are:

  1. Art Blogging Basics  (Takes 15 weeks to complete)
  2. Email Newsletter Basics  (Takes 9 weeks to complete)
  3. Marketing Basics  (Takes 10 weeks to complete)
  4. Advanced Marketing  (Takes 17 weeks to complete)

There are also a series of tests and exercises to help you build your understanding of the material.

Contact Me

I encourage you to stay in touch with me on a regular basis throughout the course.

I always enjoy hearing from my members and your questions and comments are welcome.  All questions are answered within 24 hours, and most within minutes.

So you can be assured that I’ve got you covered when you have a question that needs answering.

You can email me at

Group Discussion Forum

All members are encouraged to subscribe and participate in the Group Discussion Forum.

Simply post your questions or comments to have them considered by the group. Group members are encouraged to comment and discuss all questions posted.

All questions are answered within 24 hours, and most within minutes. So you can be assured that I’ve got you covered when you have a question that needs answering quickly.

Artist Mastermind Group Forum

All members are encouraged to participate in the live Artist Mastermind Group Forum.

These forums are held 2 times per year via telephone conference or webinar.  You will receive your personal invitation via email and given a chance to RSVP if you will be attending.

These are free, live forums which last about an hour each and include all members from around the world. All members who attend will be able to ask questions and have their questions discussed by the group.

It’s an incredible way to learn and network with other like-minded people.

So keep your eyes open for your personal email invitation.

You can listen to the previous Artist Mastermind by clicking here.

Log in Instructions

To log in to your account page, simply go to the home page (or any page) of my blog.  Look all the way to the right for the link on the main navigation menu that says, “Members.”   Click on that  link and then log in to your account using the username and password that you created during registration.  Also, if you forget your password, you can reset it from this page.

Once you log in to your account, you will be redirected to your Account Page.  If you are not redirected,  click the blue link that says:  “My Smart Art Marketing Pro Account.”

I recommend that you bookmark the login page.  The bookmarked link will make it easy to log into your account.

After logging in,  you will be brought to the “My Smart Art Marketing Pro Account” page.  This page gives you access to the new material, lessons, blog posts, downloads, videos, and tutorials that will be available in this course.

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe to this course, simply go to your personal Paypal account and unsubscribe there.  It’s very simple to do and takes less than a minute.

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