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Today we're going to talk about Brooklyn Dee, the spokesperson and star of the official Portraits of Dee NFT project.

Forget cartoon characters, such as apes, dolphins, frogs, and other fantasy creatures that other NFT collections use as their star or main focus.

Forget everything you ever thought that a collection could be.

Brooklyn Dee
Brooklyn Dee is the spokesperson for the Portraits of Dee NFT project.

This NFT collection uses a real, live person. Imagine that!

And that what sets up apart from so many other projects out there.

Imagine the possibilities this opens up for Twitter Spaces, live events, annual conferences, etc.

Brooklyn Dee was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City. She is the middle child of three children.

Brooklyn Dee was a Special Needs child at birth, but that never stopped her or slowed her down from living a full and productive life. And she loves being selected as the spokesperson for the Special Needs arena in the Portraits of Dee NFT project.

"I love connecting with people," she says. "The live events, Twitter Spaces, and other public happenings are where I love to meet and talk to others. I love bringing the Special Needs awareness message to others around the world through this project."

And to help spread the word about our special mission in this project, we're giving away 25 Whitelist spots to those on the Portraits of Dee mailing list. All you have to do is click here to subscribe, and you are instantly entered to win. What could be easier?

If you're looking to connect to a community of people who have a real person leading the way, then this project is for you. If you are tired of cartoon characters, apes, dolphins, toads, and other imaginary friends, then come get on board with the real people in the room.

We'll be glad to see you on the inside. Connect with us here.

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