Your Dream Day

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Your dream day. What would it look like? Have you ever give it much thought?

Your dream day. Have you ever tried to really imagine it?

What would your dream day look like?

I want to share a personal story that could make a huge impact on your life.

Your Dream Day
Your dream day. What would it look like? Have you ever really tried to imagine it? Have you ever give it much thought?

In 1998 I hit the “reset button” on my life by moving to New York City.

I’ll save the backstory that led up to this adventure for a future blog post… because there’s a lot of life lessons from that drama worth sharing.

For now it’s just important to know that in May of 1998 I packed up all of my worldly belongings into 3 large air conditioned storage units… bought a one way ticket to New York City… and decided to “give it a go” as the locals say.

After 3 months of the new adventure I decided to make New York City my new home.

So I returned to Louisiana in December of 1998 to donate, sell, or stuff 90% of my worldly possessions in the “bin” (New York City term for garbage).

In the process of going through the mountains of stuff to decide what to keep and what to pitch… I came across one of my old sketch journals.

There’s no date but based on some clues I believe it’s from 1992 or 1993.

Reading this rediscovered note transported me back to the beginning of the journey that brought me to today…

… my struggles as a beginning artist adjusting to new responsibilities…

… my challenges as a young(ish) entrepreneur trying to figure out what market to serve and what they wanted…

In the journal, I write about my dream day and what that might look like for me at that time. I don’t recall what inspired me to write about my “perfect day”. I hadn’t read about this in a book. It just seemed to make sense.

So I carved out the time and gave myself permission to dream what my perfect day would look like.

I even made small pencil sketches to help me really visualize my dream day.

Phrases such as “outsourcers” makes me cringe to read today… because I view my talented team as just that… my team.

And I no longer run on the beach… but I’ve replaced that with kite surfing.

Just as I no longer live in Louisiana… but New York City.

But what makes me incredibly happy and grateful is that I’ve had not one but many… many… of my “perfect days” since writing this note. Even though the definition of a perfect day has changed a bit.

Working towards a “perfect day” isn’t easy…

And it didn’t come from chanting into the mirror or creating a vision board.

It came from consistent decisions that nudged things forward.

My favorite metaphor that describes the cumulative effects of tiny but important consistent actions.

It’s Jim Collins’ “flywheel” concept. Great quick read.

I highly recommend you check that out.

And if you’re up for it…

I’d like you to carve out some quiet time for yourself this weekend.

Sit quietly and allow yourself to dream.

Think about what you REALLY want.

Not the flashy Instagram status signaling of yachts, “lambos”, and private jets.

Something personal to you.

Something honest

So it truly means something important for you.

Think about your one perfect day. Your dream day.

Who would you spend it with?

What would you do?

What wound’t you do?

Write down what your perfect day looks like. Even make some sketches like I did.

And then put it away somewhere you might find it years from now.

Let your subconscious dial into this target you’ve painted.

And then start pushing your own “flywheel” an inch further every day.

Which means you need to commit to doing the small daily items that move you closer to having your first Perfect Day.

These little decisions pop up dozens of times a day.

“Easy to do… and so easy NOT to do.”

But when you keep nudging towards your goal and moving that flywheel faster…

One day you’re going to come across that piece of paper describing your perfect day.

And you’ll be amazed at how much of it has come true.

“An overnight success, years in the making”… that’s usually how it works.

Pro tip:
To have the success you desire you have to first become the kind of person who creates that success.

Change starts from within.

  1. Your beliefs drive your decisions.
  2. Your repeated decisions form your habits
  3. Your habits pave the road to your goals and eventually to your perfect day.

And once you have one perfect day… you’ll have another… and they’ll become more and more frequent.

So this weekend, dream up your perfect day. Write it down. Put it away. And get to work.

You can do it!

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