More Art Sales Through Persistent and Consistent Effort

More art sales online through persistent and consistent effort
The key to more art sales online is persistent and consistent effort.

Would you like to have more art sales online?

Do you want to move your online art business forward this year?

One major thing that nobody EVER talks about with growing an online art business and having more art sales online (as an artist, entrepreneur, or anything) is how LONG things take.

One of the big problems we have to deal with is setting expectations.

Everybody talks about "explosive growth" and "five steps to make a million dollars from home" but nobody ever digs deep into what it really takes to get there.

The problem is, nobody wants to take the time to really understand how business and growth works in the real world.

You might see a handful of businesses each year announce something extraordinary, but the truth is for every 1 business seeing explosive growth, there are hundreds of thousands who aren't.

Personally, I'm not interested in dissecting the whys and wherefores of outlying unicorns - because it's almost impossible to replicate the unique set of events and circumstances that got them there.

I'm far more interested in learning from businesses who have focused on steady, consistent, and persistent growth over time - because that's something I know I CAN replicate (and you can too).

And that's what I focus on in my eBook, How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide. Consistent and Persistent steps forward are the essential building blocks that are outlined.

Let's do a rundown of what persistent and consistent growth looks like:

  • Sudden, explosive growth doesn't happen for me or for 99.99% of other people
  • Some months are wildly better than others
  • The overall trend is upwards
  • Month-to-month growth is modest
  • Year-to-year growth is solid
  • Spikes in revenue, then slower growth (after a launch or promotion)
  • The main thing to take away is that business growth looks more erratic the closer you look.
  • Month to month, revenue goes up and down sometimes up to 100%. If you looked at the daily figures, it would
  • appear even more erratic (some days high, some days very low, lots of spikes).
  • BUT, the overall growth trend is upwards. Measured over a year (or 2 years) the outlook is very positive.

And this is the rub.

Everyone talks about "explosive growth" and "overnight success", but the reality is different.

And, thankfully, far more useful (because you can learn how to replicate a consistent growth strategy instead of relying on blind luck). And How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide outlines that step-by-step growth strategy.

Persistent and Consistent.

The truth is, the theory behind growing a business is pretty boring.

Like anything else, building up a habit of consistent and iterative improvement is the goal.

A 1% improvement every day adds up fast.

Take health and fitness as another example.

If you are one of the millions of people trying out a new exercise and nutrition plan this year, do you expect to get your dream body after a couple of months?


Well, hopefully not.

But with the right plan, the right motivations, and the right daily habits, you will get there.

It might take you five years. It might take you 6 months.

What does this mean for you?

It doesn't matter what stage you're at in your online art business.

Persistent plus consistent should be your focus.

Need to get your art blog going or email newsletter started?

Start off developing a habit of writing for 15 - 30 minutes each day.

Once you're into the swing of things, move to a daily word-count goal.

Start off with an easy target - 500 words per day (this email is about 1,200 words).

Move the target up as you improve.

Need to grow your audience?

Focus on activities that move the needle - cross promotions, giveaways, reader magnets, team-ups, paid advertising.

Work on one thing each day to grow your email list.

Need to make some sales?

Run at least one promotion each month (eg a special deal or bundle or new print launch or newsletter swap)

Work on at least one thing each day to (a) build excitement with your audience, (b) grow your business team / street team, (c) plan and draft your launch emails, (d) get advertising in place


Can you see a pattern here?

I'm not telling you to go work on some new fancy social media platform, or shoot flashy videos, or try to find loopholes in Amazon's algorithms.

Simple, repeatable, and measurable actions - all designed to get you one step closer to your goal - will get you there.

Consistent + persistent. This is my mantra.

Putting Everything into Action

Reply to this blog post below and let us know what you plan to do this year on a consistent and persistent schedule for your online art business.

Here's to a great year of more art sales online.

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