Do You Have the Right Artistic Mindset?

artistic mindset
Spoon Boy in the major motion picure "The Matrix"

Do you have the right artistic mindset?

Is your creativity running at full capacity?

Or are you feeling more like you have creative block?

These questions are important to artists of all types.

It's very important to stay tuned to your inner artistic voice so that you are keenly aware of your creative capacity at any given time.

I want to share some of my most important posts on creativity and correct artist mindset.  These posts are a laundry list of my best thinking on creativity and correct artist mindset.

They are important to getting you on track to being the best artist you can possibly be.

Let’s face it, being creative can sometimes be hard, and at the least, certainly takes courage.

And it’s easy to lose your way in the maze of complex emotions and negative thinking.  Read the blog posts below to put yourself in the right zone for creativity.

Read this first:  8 Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity and Stifle Your Artistic Success

Read this next:  Do You Recognize these 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking

Read this next:  The Six Habits of Highly Effective Artists

Read this last:   The 7 Deadly Sins of Artists 

Creative Exercise:

Pick one article from the above list that you like the most.  Take one of the ideas from the article and journal about it for 15 minutes in your sketchbook.

It can be one of the 8 Bad Habits, 10 Mental Block, 6 Good Habits, or 7 Deadly Sins.  Which one affects you most? Which could you improve on? Which one is your best attribute? Which one best describes you?

Once you have written your exercise, find an artist friend and discuss your findings with them. Can they help with any suggestions? Can they offer any positive feedback?

Let us know your results in the comments section below.

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