Moving Time for the Best Photographs


Welcome to Part 3 of this fun new series about taking the best photographs.  I've really enjoyed putting together this fun little series that will help you take the best photographs possible.

I know it's a little different direction from my usual oil painting posts. But I think both painters and photographers will benefit from these ideas about lighting in the home.

Moving Time for the Best Photographs

You may have noticed that your family doesn’t always place themselves in the best light when they do something you want to photograph.

I found this to be especially true with children. They would be busy at play and a moment would arrive that I wanted to capture with my camera but they were not near the light.

I sometimes asked them to move to better light but often times the moment would pass and whatever memory I was hoping to preserve would be gone.

Something needed to change. So I decided to move some things around!

I moved the little white table the kids always played at from the corner of the room to the window. Then I made sure the chairs the kids sat in at the kitchen table faced the window, too.

Best Photographs

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