Bionic Rats, Hyper-Evolution and the Future of Your Art Business


Bionic Rats and The Future of Your Art BusinessAt first… it was just genetically modified rats.

Then it was genetically modified rats with Monster energy drinks.

Then it was genetically modified rats with energy drinks & bionic arms and legs.

Then the rats got nuclear reactors. Then they got GPS. With smart phones and internet connections.

Then they got Rat Rockets and Rat Helicopters. Then they got time machines and Star Trek style Transporters.

Then they started doing product launches. And stealing your customers from Facebook. They started stealing your art business piece by piece.


This means you must adopt an entirely different outlook.

The world is no longer 80/20. It’s actually 90/10. NINETY PERCENT OF THE REWARDS GO TO TEN PERCENT OF THE PLAYERS.

The winners win faster and the losers lose faster than ever before.

This demands a truly evolutionary mentality… but I hesitate to say that, because even the world “evolution” has become meaningless. It’s more like HYPER-evolution.

Whatever you are doing right now will be obsolete in 2 years. If it’s not already obsolete NOW.

Are you ready?

You should be staying ahead of the learning curve to stay ahead of the rats in the crowd. Your art business demands it.

If there is a class that offers insights into where you want to go, take it. If there is a seminar that might give you a clue, sign up. If there is a blog that gives clear insights into your art business, become an avid reader.

You must stay ahead of the white noise those rats are making. There are others who can help you along the way, why not take that help?

If you are not already subscribed to my email newsletter, go ahead and get on board with it today. I promise to help you keep the rats out of the kitchen no matter how sophisticated they get.

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