Computer Pants, Sunsets and the 4-Foot Commute


man-reclining-in-home-officeA few musings on a pleasant afternoon in late November…

I’m looking out my home office window right now at an absolutely gorgeous sunset. The Creator is really showing off. And I get to kick back, put my feet on my desk, and savor the equinoctial majesty.

My friend David called me from his car a few days ago. He said, “Gary I’m stuck in traffic on a weekday for the first time in about 10 years. I’m so glad I don’t have to do this every day anymore. And I have you to thank for that.”

Yup, the 4-foot commute is a good thing.

And my very good friend Jamie has the right idea. When he’s working from home, he sometimes jokes that he’s in his “computer pants.” What are computer pants? Well, if you’ve ever done a Skype meeting in your underwear, you know what they are. Pants you can’t see on the computer screen!

What do all these glimpses into the life of an art blogger have in common?


Freedom to slowly sip the sunset from your home office.
Freedom from smog, horns and anxiety of traffic jams.
Freedom from knuckle-slicing, micro-managing bosses.
Freedom from…pants?

My friend Sunny Hills signed up for the Free Video Training for Artists way back when. Now Sunny goes on Alaskan cruises, fires clients he doesn’t want to work with, and pretty much writes his own ticket.

Go, Sunny, go.


Whatever freedom you’re looking for, you can get it as an art blogger.

If you ask the right questions and get the right answers.

Early on, I wasn’t doing either.

Until I started thinking outside the box. I finally figured out what questions I should be asking…and where to find the right answers.

Why do I feel like prospects are chopping me down at the knees before I even get started?

Why do my customers expect me to work for free to prove my value?

Why is it so hard to find and lock down new customers?

Am I even in the right market?

How do I land my first high-paying customer?

When you sign up for my Free Video Training for Artists, you'll get these questions any others you might have.

Find more customers, sell more art, deposit more cash…and make this your best blogging year yet…

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