Is Your Traffic Obsession a Cry for Help?


Is your traffic obsession a cry for help?“It’s five times more expensive to sell to a new customer than it is to sell to an existing one.”

We’ve all heard the cliché hundreds of times, right?

And yet, most entrepreneurs would rather spend time and money chasing after new customers. Getting us to focus on conversion and follow-up and selling to current customers is like pulling teeth. It’s just not as sexy as traffic, I guess.

I used to think it was about the “thrill of the hunt”. Entrepreneurs must be hunters not gardeners, I presumed. But whatever it is, I know for a fact that in my own business nothing sells better than traffic programs.

And nothing makes people hit the snooze button more times than “customer retention” programs.   Smart Art Marketing Pro remains one of my best-kept secrets.

I wonder if the irresistible traffic itch isn’t an “Inner Orphan.” Is it wrapped up with deep-seated abandonment issues?

My customers will eventually find out I’m a fraud. They’ll abandon me. They’ll see right through me, so why waste time cultivating them?

So the everlasting hunt for new customers stalks forward…and the old customers just shuffle in and out of the revolving door.

But, they were going to leave anyway, right?  What a convenient self-fulfilling prophecy.

This “I’m a fraud” thing isn’t overt. People don’t come right out and say “I’m a fraud and everybody is going to find out.” They just doubt their worth. Afraid of being known. Found out. This always comes up whenever you raise prices. You can pretty much count on most peoples’ Inner Orphans to NOT allow them to overcharge you. 80% of the time that’s true.

My victory over this particular orphan has been a big door opener. I’m known as the "Traffic" guy, but I’ve always cultivated my customers and expected them to stay around and buy more.

I made my name with traffic. I built my business with follow up.

Do you expect your customers to abandon you?

And do you believe that big wins can only come down the narrow path of hard work, stress and massive anxiety?

If so, that’s a piece of bad “head code” that needs to be de-bugged.

And I'll show you how to de-bug it in my  Smart Art Marketing Pro course.

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