The Number One Priority for Artists Online

The Number One Priority for Artists Online
If I could go back and change ONE THING about my business when I was just starting out, I would have made list building my NUMBER ONE priority.

Hey there.  Quick warning - this article is going to start out on a "not so happy" note.  I know, not my usual style, but today it's important to visit the dark side.

I wanted to share with you one huge regret I've had since leaving corporate and starting my own business. If I could go back and change this one thing, I would do it in a hot minute.

So here it is . . .

If I could go back and change ONE THING about my business when I was just starting out, I would have made list building my NUMBER ONE priority.  I would have put it above everything else, including blogging, podcasting, content creation...EVEN social media. Dare I say it?  I would have put list building before building up my Facebook and Twitter presence. (Gasp!)

My lack of list building has always been my #1 regret!

Thankfully about a year and a half into my business I finally started to create list building opportunities and that's when EVERYTHING changed. My online momentum skyrocketed and my profits started to climb quickly.

These days I have put all my list building strategies on autopilot and my list grows automatically each day.  How do I do it?  I use a secret weapon that I don't keep so secret anymore.  My tool of choice is Aweber.

I wanted to share my biggest regret with you because I don't want you to make this same mistake!  There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to put list building as your top priority.

You might be wondering if this powerful tool would work for your business as well. I regularly tell my clients about Aweber because it works for all niches, including online artists, coaches, consultants, physical product sales and those promoting a service.

To get even more specific, Aweber is a great fit for your online art business if you can relate to any or all of the examples below . . .

  • You’ve been meaning to update your online marketing strategy and start an email newsletter, but the task seems DAUNTING and none of the tools out there seem to work (or they seem too complicated!)
  • You know that you need to focus on list building and it's been a goal of yours this year, but you aren't really sure where to start or what  to do.
  • Or maybe this is you: Instead of starting an email newsletter, you procrastinate by writing another blog post and posting on social media, thereby ignoring the big levers in your business. . .

If you can relate to any (OR ALL!) of these examples, Aweber is a perfect fit to start generating more leads and sales for your online art business.

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  1. Tracie Thompson

    Well, you convinced me. I’m finally getting off my butt and getting a real list started. I’m going with MailChimp which one of my most successful artist friends has been using and loving for years; if it’s not a great fit for me I’ll look more closely at AWeber. It’s great just to know what the options are!

    1. Gary Bolyer

      I recommend Aweber as the article above states. There are limitations with other email providers. Glad to hear that you’re taking action with your online art business.

  2. Remy Francis

    Better late than never. Thank you Gary! your article I saw today is making me take action immediately. something that I put off or procrastinated not doing for a few years now. I feel the pain of not doing so.

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