Proof that Honesty Can Close a Sale?

Proof that Honesty Can Close a Sale?
It's one thing to talk about building trust. It's quite another to trot out the proof.

One time, very early in my business, back when every last dollar was precious, a guy called me on the phone. He was ready to spend $1000 on my Lead Generation system. He mentioned he was in real estate.

I said, "Since you're in real estate, there are other systems you should buy that would be better for you than mine."

Silence on the other end of the phone line. Finally he says:

"I'm offering you a thousand bucks and you're turning it down?"

"Yes. Because it's not the best thing for you or your situation."

He was floored.

He stammered: "Well, if there ever is something you sell that's a match for me, I will certainly give you the business."

A permanent bond of trust had been formed.

I do seem to recall that this guy came and bought stuff later. I'm not really sure. What I do know is, I STILL feel good about that decision to this day. It's a decision I'm proud of. Great sales careers are built on such decisions.

"Normal" sales techniques and sales managers would have scorned me for walking away from that sale.

That same "normal" mentality is probably killing YOUR sales and YOUR connection with your customers. And you don't even know it. Because most sales people, most marketers, are "living in The Matrix." They don't realize most of what they think is real is really an illusion.

Do you have the nagging feeling that you are not converting as many leads, phone calls and face-to-face meetings to sales as you should be? Do "Hot Leads" give you the cold shoulder? Does it feel like something’s wrong but you can't quite pinpoint what it is?

It's one thing to talk about building trust.  It's quite another to trot out the proof.

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  1. very very true – always be true to yourself and to your customers – it makes no sense to allow someone to buy something that will not work or is not the best thing for them –

    1. Gary Bolyer

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Mary Erickson

    Gary, You are so right and it’s the way I run my art career, too. Investors Business Daily runs a feature “Ten most important things in business.” Number ten is “Be honest. If you don’t, numbers one through nine don’t matter.”

    1. Gary Bolyer

      Thanks for your input Mary. You are completely right here and the Investors Business Daily feature confirms it.

  3. Dave

    This is a great article. Every how to be succesful book should go over this.

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