Sell Art Online by Building Trust


Sell Art Online by Building TrustI once had a friend (John) who was a sales rep and one of his clients was a 30-something single woman. She and John had a nice friendship and they were having dinner one night and she was complaining about how she couldn't get a man.

He said to her, “You really are a good gal, so cut the booze and drop a few pounds and you'll have NO problem snagging your man.”

Her jaw dropped. This was NOT what she wanted to hear.

In fact she so deeply resented it that she stormed out of the restaurant... and she refused to ever do business with John's company again, even after John's sales manager offered to fire him.

John had shattered the pane of glass, and after that, all the nice-nice in the world could never fix it.

It only takes one wrong word to DESTROY a relationship.

That one word could be 100% honest.  That one word could be well-meaning. That one word could be from the nicest guy in the world.

Doesn't matter. If it's the WRONG word at the WRONG time...exit trust.

Almost every marketer in the world has these "trigger" words somewhere in their sales message that are destroying trust, destroying relationships. Those words are hiding in plain sight. They're in your emails, they're on your web pages, they're in your videos. And they're killing trust.

Once trust is shattered, you can never put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

How to Sell Art Online

Smart Art Marketing Pro sniffs out trust-killing words like a bloodhound. It has an uncanny ability to find and eliminate conversion-stealing words and replace them with words that build trust and cause sales to materialize.

Nothing can transform your online art sales process into a trust-based marketing machine better than Smart Art Marketing Pro.

Smart Art Marketing Pro will find and fix trust-killing, glass-breaking words. That is how your emails are going to get more opens and click-throughs. That is how your web pages are going to get more opt ins. That's how your videos will make more sales That's how you will sell art online. In fact, it will become very easy to sell art online.

Demonstrably, measurably. In black and white. You will understand what was broken, and what got fixed.

You are going to know what words to use and what words to avoid. They will be ingrained in your mind, etched in your imagination. You will not forget what are the wrong words to say and write, and what are the right words.

You and your online sales process, become trust-building marketing machines.

Machines that build trust? Sounds paradoxical but that's what Smart Art Marketing Pro is all about.

Click here to get instant access to Smart Art Marketing Pro and learn to sell art online.

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