Artists and the Right Brain Connection

Artists and the Right Brain Connection
Your right brain is unlimited. It makes connections that the left brain would never dream of making.

I was consulting with a client, Michael, recently and he made this comment...

"Gary, I've been applying the Smart Art Marketing Pro principles to my life and business for the last year or so, and now I have a very odd problem. I don't know what to do with all of my free time. Tell me what I should be doing because I feel like I'm just wasting time."

If you're a go-to guy or gal, you're probably unaccustomed to enjoying downtime. When you're truly free, do you feel itchy, agitated, anxious? Do you feel like you're procrastinating? Do you feel like you're shirking your responsibilities?

"Just tell me what to do!"

Does the idea of carving out time in your schedule to "do nothing" -nothing but let your mind wander and play-does that make your pulse beat faster, do you break out in cold sweats at the idea of doing NOTHING?

Do you know what my brain tells me when I get like that? Do you know what odd compulsion I feel when I'm doing some powerful, but unstructured, musing and reading and thinking?

"Gary, you need a haircut. Go get a haircut today."

Bizarre, I know. I used to let that odd feeling of agitation and anxiousness get the better of me. But now I know that the "haircut" nagging is an indication that I'm on to something big. Something good. Because my left brain is trying to interrupt me. Trying to assume control again.  Trying to get me back on the routine, mundane, comfortable track again.

Michael's day to day business problems are pretty much under control. Now he needs to answer the BIG, STRATEGIC questions. And you don't solve problems like that unless your right brain has ample time to play.  But your left brain will nag you until you learn to quiet it. It will tug at your sleeve incessantly, begging, "Just tell me what to do!"

Your left brain, the brain you use when you're putting out fires and consciously solving problems, your rational brain, is limited. Period. Your business will have limited success if all you ever do is apply left-brained thinking.  But most of us apply ONLY left-brained thinking.

Your right brain, however, is unlimited. It makes connections that the left brain would never dream of making.

But it only makes those connections when you're "not around". It only makes those connections when your ego, your rational, controlling left brain has "left the building".

When you're playing, when you're recreating, when you're free-form journaling, when you're praying or meditating, when you're sleeping. (And I'm not talking about the five-hours-per-night,burning the candle at both ends kind of sleep that most of us entrepreneurs get).

Painting is pure creative play for me. It takes me out of the world of my left brain and plants me firmly in the right brain connection. The video below shows me at play with my painting.

Realizing that you have to turn your rational brain off to achieve breakthrough success can be a slap to your ego.

Realizing your brain is more powerful when your conscious mind is not directing it - when YOU are not controlling it - can be humbling...and, for a while, very uncomfortable.  But I assure you, it's essential to achieving your business and life goals.

Smart Art Marketing Pro will show you how to let the more powerful side of your brain regain control. How you can go from working 60 hours a week to working 20 hours (or far fewer) a week and earn more than you do now.

This is not your run-of-the-mill time management, marketing course. This is brain-changing, life-changing stuff.

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