The Magic of Building Trust Online


The Magic of Building Trust OnlineA very long time ago, back in my Amway "pink Kool-Aid" days, I remember meeting a prospect at Perkin's or Denny's or one of those coffee-and-pancakes places that are just one step above McDonald's.

This guy, I honestly don't even remember his name, was one of hundreds of "coffee meetings" I plowed through. I barely remember what he looked like.

But I do remember 2 things. One, he wasn't interested in Amway. And two, he told me about a business idea he was thinking of firing up. He had big plans for starting his own recording studio. And he had some really good ideas. Ideas that you wouldn't want to tell just anybody. Ideas that an unscrupulous character could steal and run with and make his own.

About 15 minutes into his spiel, I stopped him.

"Why are you telling ME this? How do you know you can trust me?"

I don't even remember what his answer was. Something vague like "Oh, you just seem like a guy who wouldn't steal".

But looking back, I think I know the real reason he revealed all his business secrets and dreams to me: because I had listened to him talk for an hour. Period.

He trusted me because I was a good listener.

And I was. But I was NOT a savvy sales person.

Because although I tried to show him how my business opportunity fit with his dreams and desires and hopes and fears for the future...I was still trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. It was still a pitch. It still felt like me vs. him. And that old flop sweat still flowed when it came time to go for the close.

So, of course, he exited my life never to return. And I probably chalked it up to "Oh well, he's just one more NO that gets me closer to the next YES".

Many of us internet marketers got into online businesses to reduce the messiness and unpredictability of direct sales (face-to-face or on the phone).

Oh, how we celebrated when we realized "Wow, we can set up these little online mazes...PPC ad, landing page, autoresponder emails...and the customer will chase US!"

How much easier it will be to close a lead who calls me! Rather than one I'm chasing and pitching and annoying and hammering and pestering! How much easier it would be if the art gallery (like the one in the video below) would contact me.


What most of us discovered, however, is that the "smoking hot inbound lead" was not all it was cracked up to be. And as customers become more and more internet savvy, those leads are becoming less and less "closeable".

Sure, you know they are interested, they're "warm", but simple pitching and proving competence isn't enough. Conversion numbers don't seem much higher than those old "coffee meetings". The siren song of "Oh well, it's just a numbers game, gotta take the NOs to get to the YESes" has made a strong comeback.

Why is that?

Because all we've done is taken that same tired sales game and cobbled an automated sequence onto the front of it.

The phone or face-to-face pitch is the same as it ever was. Still high-pressure, still antagonistic, still rote, still cookie-cutter. The customer is still a "number".

So they don't open up. They don't tell you their secret desires like the guy in Perkins' so many years ago.

Zero trust.

Smart Art Marketing Pro debunks the "Myth of the Inbound Lead" and shows you the online marketing principles to...

  • Establish trust and get prospects to reveal their real desires and fears
  • Quickly disqualify the ones who need to be disqualified, FAST
  • Discern their real objections so you don't go chasing rabbits
  • Why the sale is lost or won at the beginning, not the end.
  • How to drop the false, antagonistic, and robotic sales mindset and sell naturally, as the real you

The principles in Smart Art Marketing Pro are counter-intuitive, they may take you a while to wrap your head around. But when you do, your entire sales MINDSET will shift. You'll never see online art marketing the same way again.

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