The 4 Formulas for a Star Art Business


The 4 Formulas for a Star Art BusinessMost companies will not "ring the bell" on the Star Report quiz. Only 25% of start ups are niche leaders and only 20% of those are growing fast enough to be called "stars".

That means only 5% qualify as true stars right from the beginning.

However, if your art business doesn't "ring the bell" it doesn't mean you should bail on your art business and go hunting for another. Plenty of non-Star businesses can provide comfortable revenue for years to come.

But, if your art business does not ring the bell like the one in the video below, you SHOULD be hyper-alert to ways make your business more Star-like. Your score should inform how you prioritize your objectives.

There are Four Systems or Formulas, that every art business must have in place to move in the direction of "Star".  So, take the Star Principle quiz and then ask yourself...

1. Does my art business have a Customer Attraction Formula? Do I have a reliable way to get ever-increasing volumes of profitable business?

2. Does my art business have a Commercial Formula? Do my costs and prices LOCK IN fat margins? Do I know them cold?

3. Does my art business have a Delivery Formula? Do I have a "machine" for delivering increasing quantities of high-quality product/service?

4. Does my art business have an Innovation Formula? Do I have a way to make innovation and improvement routine?

Which of the four is most lacking in your art business?  What can you do NOW to construct or bolster that system?  That's your $10,000/hour work for this week.

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