Can Your Art Business Be a Star?


Can Your Art Business Be a Star?Got this from a reader of my ebook How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide...

"I am doing everything from selling to invoicing. Difficult to even have the time to think about (strategic) things. Had I not read the book over Christmas, I probably would not have taken the time to read it at all. 70 hour weeks and still 100 things we could do better, differently, not at all, instead, etc."

Most artist/entrepreneurs succeed only in creating a new job for themselves in their art business.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Most of the time, being your own boss in your own art business is way cooler than having to answer to somebody else. Even if it means working 50% longer hours in your new "golden squirrel cage" art business than you did in your old Dilbert cube!

But, most artists want more than just a new J.O.B.

You want to build a great art business like the artist in the video below. Something that will last. Something that's attractive to investors and ultimately buyers. A sell-able business that can provide real freedom for you and your family. Not just a squirrel cage.

If that's what you're trying to build...or think you've already built.. here's 13 reality-check questions for you..

If you answer "yes" to most of these questions, you may have a STAR In the making...

1. Are your products or services delivered to the same high standard, on time, every time?

2. Is this year’s product measurably better than last year’s?

3. Does this year’s product costs at least 5 per cent less to make than last year’s?

4. Can you double volumes within a year without panic or loss of quality?

5. Is work delegated to the lowest-level person who is fully competent to do it?

6. Does everyone on your staff increase his or her skill level significantly each year and work better and faster?

7. Does your workplace exude calm, order and discipline?

8. Are your standards and procedures written down, clear, unambiguous ~ and observed?

9. Are your logos, colors and designs attractive and consistent?

10. Are your budgets always met or exceeded?

11. Is cash always higher than planned?

12. Is your company a machine ~ smooth-running, reliable, relentless, self-maintaining and self-improving?

13. Is nobody indispensable? If your best people leave, will your company roll on regardless? Will new leaders come to the fore?

How'd you do?

To further evaluate your art business, read the next blog post in this series: The 4 Formulas for a Star Art Business.

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