The Truth About SEO

The Truth About SEO

When it comes to SEO for your blog or website, just take a deep breath and relax. Work on producing quality content for your blog and your rankings will grow naturally over time.

Have you been trying different tactics to increase your Google rankings? Are you thinking about hiring an “expert” to help you with your SEO?

If you own a blog or website, these questions may have come across your mind. But if you are considering trying to improve your SEO, please read this article carefully.

Let’s face it, there are thousands of so-called SEO experts on the internet. And they will gladly take your money and promise you better Google rankings for your website.

But before you hand over your hard-earned money to these people, I want you to consider one thing: SEO is a fool’s game.

What? What did I just say? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fool’s game played only by the naïve.

Let me explain. With Google’s new Panda and other algorithms, the ranking of your website or blog has become pretty straightforward. Now I admit, nobody but Google engineers know the exact formulas for what ranks and what doesn’t. But they have made it pretty clear that one of the most important things for a high-ranking is how many back links your site gets.

So if you have a quality site that people love to link back to, then over time your rankings will grow naturally. But beware, part of the formula is that back links must grow naturally. If you try to buy back links and all of a sudden have 100 in one day, Google could very well blacklist your site forever. So don’t ever try any “Black Hat” tactics such as buying back links from back link submitters.

Other than the back links, Google rankings are a mystery to everyone who doesn’t write the formulas at Google. So there is not much anyone, including any so-called experts, can do to increase your rankings on Google.

So when it comes to SEO for your blog or website, just take a deep breath and relax. Work on producing quality content for your blog and your rankings will grow naturally over time. This will happen as people discover your site and link back to it. So this part is pretty simple, but it will only take your site so far.

Relying on free traffic from search engines is great up to a point. When you are first getting started with your blog or website, free traffic can give you some forward momentum. But it will never make your site a true success.

What will make your site a true success?

In order to be truly successful with your website or blog, you are going to have to buy traffic for your site. In internet marketing jargon, this is called PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Some examples of places where you can buy PPC are Google Adwords, Facebooks ads, Twitter ads, AdRoll, etc.  In fact, there are many places where you can buy traffic. And I will discuss this more in future articles.

So just remember this, if you’re going to spend money on your blog or website, spend it on PPC and not SEO.

In conclusion, stay away from the SEO game and focus your attention on what you can really control. And what you can really control is getting more traffic to your site from PPC advertising.  And the sooner you start with PPC advertising, the better.

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  1. So true what you’ve written here, I do webside-design for 10 years now and I know what you mean!!!

  2. Very useful and eye opening information. Thank you for posting it!

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