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Secrets to Selling Art: What You Never Learned in Art School About Selling Your Work

"Secrets to Selling Art" is the most thorough guide ever written on how to break into the mainstream art establishment in the major art markets, especially New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. Learn more..

It will show you step-by-step how to reach the art gallery directors and how to get them to notice and represent your work.

It took me more than 15 years of trial and error to learn and put together the techniques I show you in the book.

How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide

"How to Sell Art Online: The Complete Guide" is For Anyone that Has Ever Lost Their Way in the Seemingly Endless Online Art Marketing Maze and Wondered "What Do I Do Next To Create Growth and Profits?". Learn more...

Years ago when I first looked at art blogging, I decided that if I was going to invest my life, time away from family, money, worry, and heartache into learning how to sell art online, I wasn’t going to do it half-baked.

I wasn’t going to just be a player and get by.

Nope. I decided early on that I was going to dominate my market. But “deciding” and “doing” are two totally different things.

You can look in the mirror all you want and say “I’m the dominant player in my space”, but unless you do the right things, it ain’t ever gonna happen.

So, I had to figure out how to take the first step to owning my art niche. And then the second and the third and the fourth, until I hit the top.

The top is where the serious profits are… and there’s far less competition.

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  1. Gloria McCarthy

    I love the way Gary Boyler writes. It’s like he is in front of me speaking. A very talented man!

  2. Alexandra

    Amazing book and very kind and professional author. As I have education in art and also in marketing, I was positively surprised about this book and all really helpful and practical advices from Gary, especially because he is from the art industry. Thank you Gary and I wish to read even more from you in the future.

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