3 Ways to Make Money With Your Art Blog

3 Ways to Make Money With Your Art Blog
Selling your own products is by far the best way to make money with your art blog. The reason for this is that your readers know and trust you. Therefore, they want your products and services.

Have you wondered what are the best ways to make money with your art blog?  You only need to do a few things correctly to make money with your art blog.

In this article, I am going to cover 3 ways to make money with your art blog.  I am also going to rank these from worst to best, so you can see which direction is the best to take from the possible choices.

1)  Selling Ads or Advertisements

Selling ads or putting advertisements on your site is one way to make money with your art blog.  But this the worst way to make money with your art blog.

There are a number of ways to put ads and sell advertising on your art blog.  One way is to put Google Adsense ads on your site.  Another way is to sell ad space to other products on your site.  You can use text ads or display ads with images and pictures. These can also be banner ads that are displayed in some prominent area of your blog.

The idea, of course, is that someone who is reading your blog will click the ad that you are advertising.  And you then receive a commission for each link that is clicked.

The advertising model that you see used so well on television, radio, and in print adverting does not work very well with blogs and blogging.  There are a number of reasons for this.  But the main reason is that you must have a huge amount of traffic to get any substantial amount of return.

Unless your site gets tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of visits per week, you won't make very much money at all.  So it's hardly worth your time to go to the trouble of setting up ads on your site.

Do you remember the blog Fake Steve Jobs?  It was a worldwide sensation and gained the blogger international attention.  On the day that Fake Steve Jobs revealed to the world who he really was, he received front page press from the Wall Street Journal,  New York Times, and many other international publications.  His blog got millions of hits in a single month.  Do you know how much he made from his Google Adsense  ads from all of those millions of hits in that month?  He only made a paltry $1,500.  So it's clearly obvious that this is not the way to go with your blog.

And there are a couple of good reasons to stay away from putting ads on your blog.  First,  these ads and advertisements clutter up the look of your blog, making it look cheesy and second-rate.  I'm sure you've seen websites that are so cluttered up with ads and advertisements that you can hardly find the good content.

Also, when you have outside ads posted on your site, it makes the loading time of your site go much slower because readers have to wait for all the ads to load on each page. The ads come from outside servers and these servers may be very slow or get bogged down loading your ad.

Search engines measure how fast your pages load and index them accordingly. So if your pages load slowly, if could hurt how your site is indexed by the search engines, especially Google.  This is another big reason to stay away from outside ads on your art blog.

2)  Selling Other People's Products

Selling other people's  products is a good way to make money with your art blog.  Although I don't consider it the best way. 

Selling other people's products is called affiliate marketing.  It is used very successfully by lots of bloggers on the internet.  The way affiliate marketing works is that you simply recommend someone's product in a blog post or email newsletter and provide a link to that product page.

When your readers click the link and buy the product, you receive an affiliate commission for the sale.  Commissions vary widely on products, but can range anywhere from ten to eighty percent.  Also, if you recommend an affiliate product to your readers, you must give them full disclosure that it is an affiliate product and that you will receive a commission if they buy the product.

Let's look at a specific example of how affiliate marketing works. Let's say you have an art blog that focuses on oil painting and teaching other artists how to paint in oils.  In some of your blog posts or in your email newsletters you could feature and recommend affiliate products such as paint brushes, oil paints, mediums and solvents.  Over time, you could create hundreds of affiliate links from your blog that would generate a nice income stream for you.

Affiliate marketing works best when you have actually used and are very well familiar with the quality of the products you are recommending to your readers.  I use affiliate marketing in my online marketing strategy as a way to generate additional streams of income.  I only recommend high quality products to my readers that I have actually used.

Clickbank is a good source for finding affiliate products for your art blog.

2)  Selling Your Own Products

Selling your own products is by far the best way to make money with your art blog.  The reason for this is that your readers know and trust you.  Therefore, they want your products and services.

If you look carefully at the sidebar to the right and scroll up and down on my blog, you will see ads for my products, my ebooks, my courses, my art prints and original art.  The same product pitches are repeated in my email newsletters along with the affiliate product offers.  Are you beginning to get the idea how you should set up your own online marketing?

The vast majority of money you will make online will come from selling your own products.  You need to have a diverse portfolio of products from art information products such as eBooks, reports, MP3 files, videos, etc,. to original art and reproductions of your art.

Please keep in mind that most of your sales will come from art information products that can be sold as instant downloads.  This category makes up most of the sales that are made on the internet.  So consider creating many products in this category.

You will, of course, want to have an art gallery which showcases your latest artwork.  You will be showcasing original artwork, as well as prints and reproductions of various sizes and price points.  And you need to have an efficient checkout system that makes it easy for your customers to buy from you.

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