3 Email Newsletter Tricks to Boost Business

3 Email Newsletter Tips to Boost Business
Using these ideas in your email newsletter can help you make autoresponders a high art.

Here are three autoresponder techniques that I have used successfully in my email newsletter.  Using these ideas in your email newsletter can help you make autoresponders a high art.

Autoresponder Trick #1:

I use Aweber, and I've noticed that the people who are truly interested will open up my Autoresponder emails 2+ times, some of them as much as 5-10 times!

Not sure if you noticed this, but it's a definite indicator of interest. The 5+ times opened guys are the ones who call me or email me on their own.

Autoresponder Trick #2:

I always send the same email twice - 1st time at 9am EST on day 1 and 2nd time 2pm EST on day 2. I've found this doubles my open rate (with a 5% or less overlap) and causes me nearly zero spam complaints.  If you market to people like attorneys who are very busy, then this is a good way to squeeze every drop of juice from your Autoresponders as possible.

(Note from Gary: A different twist on this is to repeat the same email in an Autoresponder series 6 months or a year later, with a different subject line. I estimate most peoples’ subscribers would tolerate this just fine and the average person who did read something won’t clearly remember that they had seen it before.)

Autoresponder Trick #3:

I always have a part 1 and "click here to continue reading" part 2 of my emails to drive people onto my blog...

(Getting readers back to your blog where they can explore your other product offerings is essential to online business success.)

Then I contact the guys who click for the part II stuff - it's a way to get a "soft, higher-quality" hand raise and to narrow your follow-up focus to fewer, higher-quality people.

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