Why Starting an Art Blog is Like My First Time Landing an Airplane


Why starting an art blog is like my first time landing a planeMy brother took me for a ride in his Cessna 172, and for most of the trip - take off and landing - I was the pilot. It was scary.  And exhilarating.

The plane was wobbly and unstable at first. Every touch of the wheel seemed to send us off balance, pitching forward or back or rolling sideways. When you drive your car, you're not used to the horizon bobbing up and down above and below your dashboard, tilting crazily to the right and left.

Everything I tried had the opposite effect of what I expected. Then I'd pull some other lever and that would only make the problem WORSE.

After awhile I got the hang of it. When my brother asked me if I wanted to land it too, I said yes.

Here we are with the runway rushing towards my face, my brother running throttle (he put me in charge of that too, but then I told him "no, I can only do about three things at once") and here I am trying to get the plane pointed straight at the runway, even as it pitches and yaws its way down.

Murphy says something has to go wrong at the most critical time, and it did. My kids in the back seat started tickling each other and giggling and rolling back and forth, just as we were turning to make the final approach to the runway!

We put an end to that, real real fast.

Suddenly we were on the ground, taxiing off the runway. I felt a wave of excitement and accomplishment. Adrenaline Rush.


What I just described to you - controls so counterintuitive, pulling levers and getting unexpected response, twisting more levers, careening dangerously out of control...

...that's starting an art blog for the first time. Everything you THINK you should do when you're brand new is wrong.

NOW. . .  Add a thick fog, so you have to fly 100% by instruments.

THAT is why so few people dive deep into an art blog. They just turn it on and let it do its thing, whatever that means.

It's only when you take command of your instruments and fine tune the controls that an art blog delivers the goods.

Believe you me, it does deliver the goods. In fact completely outside my main business, I have one email list of 5,000 people that was built almost entirely with an art blog.

I know of no other way such large lists could get built with so little manual labor.

That's why I created Smart Art Marketing Pro.

 I will show you the levers and gauges so you know how to land the plane, build big lists and get paying customers.

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  1. Arlen A. Thorensen

    I found your article very interesting and captivating. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Gary Bolyer

      Thanks Arlen. Glad you enjoyed it.

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