Make ‘Em An Offer in Your Email Newsletter

Make 'Em an Offer in Your Email Newsletter
Adding product offers to your email newsletter can be a lot of fun and very profitable. You will need to use your imagination to create exciting offers that will motivate your readers to buy your products and services.

Once you have your first few basic newsletter messages written, you will need to start experimenting with putting in a few offers.  These offers, of course, are going to be for your art and art information products.

It may take some time and tinkering to get your product placement offers and pitches just right.  So it's going to take some trial and error on your part. You're always going to have to do some muddling to find just the right product placement.

The good thing is your basic newsletter messages never change.  They stay the same. The basic messages are going to be the framework where you hang your product offers. You just go back into your messages and add and remove the product offers as you see fit.

This is where it starts getting a lot of fun.  You will need to use your imagination and try to weave in your product offers.  Sometimes you can do this subtly and sometimes you can be very blatant with your product offers.  You can add them as ads at the bottom or sides of your newsletter.  Or you can just make a reference and a link to the website where the product is offered.

As a general rule of thumb, it's best to wait until the seventh or eighth newsletter to begin adding your offers.  This gives your readers time to get to know you and establish some trust.

So with this in mind, let's look at the best ways to "make 'em an offer."

Using the Subtle Approach

The subtle approach or "soft sell" is a very effective way to introduce your products to your email newsletter readers.

Let's say your newsletter focuses on how to make the home more warm and inviting with art.  And in message #9 you write about how the color blue is one of the most soothing colors for any room in your home.  The headline of the article you've written is "How the Color Blue Can Transform Any Room From Drab to Dreamy."

After you describe the main points of your article, you can then talk about how one of your paintings would work nicely in a blue room.  Or you could photo shop one of your paintings into a blue room and actually show your readers just how great it would look.  You could make the photo a link to the "Add to Cart" page on your website and you could then put a caption on the inserted photo that says: "See how great this painting works as a focal point in this blue living room. Click here to Buy this painting now."

Are you starting to get the idea now?

Using the P.S. at the Close of the Newsletter

A good way to make an offer is at the end of your newsletter with the P.S. at the bottom of the page.  You could say something like this:  "P.S. I thought you might want to know I have a great painting that would work beautifully as the focal point in the blue living room that I just described. Click here to take a look at the painting now."

Studies have shown the P.S. is often one of the most-read parts of a newsletter.  So your offer will certainly be seen there.

Using an Example from Your Art Blog

One of the best ways to mention one of your art products is to write it into a blog post. Here is an one from my blog.  It's from my blog post "Best Tips for Choosing and Using Color in Your Home."

The article describes how to best use color in the home.  In tip #18 I put a picture of one of my art prints and then discuss how it relates to the topic that I am talking about.  I then put a link to the picture and a link to the call to action that takes them to the landing page where they can buy the art print.

After you have written and set up your blog post as I have described above, then add the post as one of the sequences in your email newsletter.  Put the headline in your email headline and copy the first paragraph of the blog post into your email newsletter.  Then tell your readers to click the link you provide to finish reading the remainder of the blog post.

You Can Always Use the Direct Approach

The direct approach or "hard sell" gives you another option for adding products your to email newsletter. With the direct approach you just create an ad at the bottom or side of the newsletter.

Write an ad with links that will take your readers to the landing page where they can purchase the product.  Test Ads like this in your newsletter and see what kind of response you get.  If your readers find it too blatant, you can always take them off and go for something more subtle.

Again, you should always be testing, testing, testing.

Final Thoughts - It's More an Art Than Science

It's more of an art than pure science when it comes to getting the details of your offers structured properly.  Like I said above, it's going to take some trial and error on your part to get it right.  I can only give you the basic guidelines here.

You can experiment with direct approaches or more subtle approaches and see how your subscribers respond to each.  Of course, the final deciding factor in any test is how much money you make and how much you sell from one verses the other.

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