2 Key Elements Your Art Blog Must Have

2 Key Elements Your Art Blog Must Have
To be the most successful it can be, your art blog needs two important elements: 1) Self-hosting 2) A Premium Theme

Are you ready to get serious about your art blog?  Do you want your art blog to be successful and have lots of readers and subscribers?

Then you need to focus on two key elements.

What are they?

The first key element that your art blog must have is being self-hosted.  The second key element is having a premium theme.

Without these two critical and important key elements, no one is going to take your art blog very seriously.

If you continue to operate your blog with the free hosting from WordPress, then you will always look like an amateur to your visitors and readers.  The same thinking holds with your theme. If you continue to use a free theme, you will never look like a true professional to your readers.

Let's look at both of these key elements in detail.

1) Becoming a Self-Hosted Art Blog

Being self-hosted is critical to the success of your art blog.  Why?  There are several reasons.  But one of the most important reasons is that it makes you look like a true blogging professional to your readers and subscribers.

As long as you have free hosting from WordPress.com, you look like an amateur.  And as long as you look like an amateur, no one is going to take you very seriously. 

Another important reason you need to be self-hosted is so you can monetize your art blog.  As long as you have free hosting under the WordPress.com domain, you will not be able to sell any of your art or art information products. This is one of the restrictive policies of WordPress.com. But once you become self-hosted, you will no longer have to abide by these rules.  You become master of your own universe, able to sell anything on your art blog.

And lastly, another important reason for being self-hosted is that you will rank higher in Google search results.  Once you get your own domain name and become self-hosted, the search engines will index and rank your site much higher.  This one reason alone is worth the cost of being self-hosted.

In an earlier Smart Art Marketing Pro course lesson The Definitive WordPress Host Checklist, I listed the nine most important features you should look for in a hosting service for your art blog.

I recommended that you use either Bluehost.com or Hostgator.com for your art blog hosting.  These are solid choices. You will be very happy choosing either of these hosts.

2) Getting a Premium Theme for Your Art Blog

There are several reasons for getting a Premium Theme for your art blog.  Like being self-hosted, having a premium theme makes you look more professional.  You will certainly be taken more seriously by your readers and visitors if your art blog looks stellar.  And a Premium Theme can help you do just that.

Another reason you need a Premium Theme is that it will give you more versatility and utility.  In simpler words, it will help you do a whole lot more with your site.  It will have more bells and whistles and will help you do lots more neat stuff with your art blog as your business grows over time.  For example, you can add a slide show of your most recent art work with a premium theme.  Free themes don't give you this option.

I use Prose Theme for this art blog.  It has the Genesis Framework and helps my blog rank higher in search engine results. I also like the Prose Theme because it has so many versatile features for artists, such as a slide show for your newest art work.  For me, features like this are important as my internet business grows.

StudioPress Themes has a full line of  premium themes that I recommend. Take a look. I'm sure you'll find one you will fall in love with.

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