3 Keys to Building Your Art Brand Online

3 Keys to Building Your Art Brand Online
Building a brand takes time and effort.

Have you ever wondered what is the basis of building a strong art brand online?  Have you wanted to build an art brand online but was not sure how to do it?

There is a lot of talk these days about building brands.  There’s lots of books on the subject and lots of articles about it on the internet.

Building a brand takes time and effort.  It is not something that is done quickly, or something that happens accidentally.

There are 3 main keys that you must have to build a strong art brand online.
If you work on building and maintaining these 3 important elements, you will be way ahead of the pack in building your art brand online.

1) Content

In order to build a strong art brand online, you must deliver quality content.  You must create interesting content that your readers will be eager to read and share.

The best method of delivering content on the internet is a WordPress blog.  I have stressed this time and again throughout this blog and in my [OptinLink id=4] Smart Art Marketing newsletter. [/OptinLink].

There is no better way to build a strong art brand online than to create a quality blog.

The blog is the hub of your art brand online.  Your blog establishes you as an expert in your field.  It is the platform from which all other brand-building strategies grow and thrive

For guidance on producing high quality content for your art blog, please read my blog post Starting a Successful Art Blog: You Only Get to Keep What You Give Away.

2) Social Media

Social media plays an important role in establishing your art brand online.  Social media is all about building relationships.

Relationships can be established and maintained by providing high quality content.  Once again, it all comes back to content.  High quality content is king.

When you produce content that your readers love to read, they will be eager to share it with their friends on their social media networks.

Only broadcasting news of your latest projects, sales, or promotions is a big turn off in social media.  You will want to share your promotions and latest projects, of course, but in a balanced way.  I found the 80/20 rule to work here.  Share 80%  high quality content with about 20% sales messages, promotions and personal projects.  This gets your sales message through without turning off your followers or having them “unlike” you.

3) Email Newsletter

The last important key in building a strong art brand online is creating and maintaining an email newsletter.  Email newsletters help to solidify your art brand online.

A regularly timed email newsletter showing up in your subscriber’s inbox helps to build trust in your brand and to keep up brand awareness.   When creating your email newsletter, be sure and put your brand name in the “From” section of the email.  In my emails, I use Gary Bolyer in the “From” section as this is the brand name that I am building at this time.

Once again, content is the key to a great email newsletter.  When you give valuable content that your readers will look forward to receiving, your messages will be eagerly opened and read.

You will, of course, want to put sales messages and promotions in your email newsletter. Once again, as in Social media,  the 80/20 rule works well here.  Try 80% high quality content with about 20% sales messages and promotions.  This will keep your readers engaged without losing too many to the “unsubscribe“ button.

I use Aweber as my email newsletter provider.

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