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Review of Lighthouse at Two Lights by Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper is the quintessential American Painter.  A Hopper painting is recognizable immediately from it’s signature style and character. While many painters of Hopper’s era were blazing paths into Abstract Expressionism, Edward Hopper was taking the contrarian route with Realism. And nobody does Realism better than Hopper. Hopper’s Realism verges on Impressionism, having a slightly […]

3 Keys to Building Your Art Brand Online

Have you ever wondered what is the basis of building a strong art brand online?  Have you wanted to build an art brand online but was not sure how to do it? There is a lot of talk these days about building brands.  There’s lots of books on the subject and lots of articles about […]

What is the Most Magnetic Art Business USP?

What’s the most irresistible Unique Selling Proposition for your art business? What immediately, automatically sets you apart from every other person in the entire world? Is it your… Guarantee?  Pricing?  Features? Technology?  Systems? There’s nothing wrong with any of these. But ALL can be replicated, imitated, knocked off. There is one thing that can never […]

Which is Better? Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, or Email Newsletter Subscribers?

Have you ever wondered which is better, which is worth more to your internet art business? 1,000 Facebook Likes, 1,000 Twitter Followers, or 1,000 Email Newsletter Subscribers? These questions are at the heart of a successful internet art business.  If you are like most other artists who are trying to get their internet art businesses  […]

Why I’ve Decided to Drill a Hole in My Head

Have you ever wanted to drill a hole in your head?  Have you ever thought about how much fun or what an adventure that might be?  Did you know that our early human ancestors used to do it all the time? Well, after a lot of thinking it over, I’ve decided to take the plunge.  […]