Are You a Daydream Believer?


Become a Daydream BelieverAre you a believer?  Are you a daydream believer?

Are you finding yourself getting bored in certain areas of your life or with certain tasks you have set?

Perhaps it’s time to make your life more challenging: make it more complex or shoot for a higher level of performance.

If you’re stymied in your job, having reached the top of the promotion ladder in your company with no place to go, you may want to give serious consideration to a major career change, in the direction of pursuing dreams you were postponing until retirement.

Maybe now is the time to go back to art school or start that photography studio you always dreamed of, or take that sailboat trip around the world.

Even if you’re a senior citizen with some medical disabilities, there may still be plenty of room for revamping your life-style in line with long-suppressed wishes to do something more extravagant--take a trip or even more to another city.

There is always room for relinquishing certain burdens that have accumulated over the years and which you have been reluctant to abandon. (I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of being a professional artist just before my fortieth birthday.)

I don’t mean to suggest here that you should immediately focus on a single objective and forget about all your other interests and responsibilities.  You couldn’t do that even if you tried, and in fact sometimes it’s a real advantage to be able to dream beyond that immediate goal.

Become a Daydream Believer

In the short run, give it all you’ve got.  But in the broader perspective, don’t be afraid to listen to your daydreams--especially the ones that seem impossible.

Time spent in daydreaming and fantasy about the future can be extremely useful, particularly if you allow yourself the luxury of considering all of your thoughts, even the ones you think are ridiculous.

Others may advise you to be more serious in your thinking, but it’s you, not they, who know what you really want.  Our society puts great stock in rational approaches to living, but the seed of most great achievements, whether in the studio or in the laboratory, is an unrealized and often impractical idea or daydream.

Genius, said Thomas Edison, is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. You know that the sweat is important, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the other 1 percent.

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  1. elisabetta batzella

    Thank you. We always should remember to be daydream believers….Absolutely I’m a daydream believer.

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