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Networking for Art Career Success: Contacts, Connections, Clout

Have you thought about how important networking is for your art career success?  Are you using the “clout” of your art world connections for your art career success? If you’ve been reading my blog posts or if you purchased my eBook Secrets to Selling Art, it should be getting very clear by now that the […]

Review: Henri Matisse ‘In Search of True Painting’ at the Metropolitan

There is an incredible exhibition going on until March 17  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. “Henri Matisse: In Search of True Painting” is a true retrospective of the artist’s life and work. Most people do not realize how much Matisse struggled with his painting throughout his career.  He constantly reworked, […]

Why Residual Artist Profits Are Better Than Wages

Which do you think is more valuable, residual profits from an online art business or wages?  Which has more security over time? This is a tough issue. Our culture teaches us to expect wages for our time–the person who makes ten dollars an hour wants twelve, the attorney who makes a hundred dollars an hour […]

Was Jackson Pollock the Greatest Painter of the 20th Century?

Was Jackson Pollock the greatest painter of the 20th century? Was his work the pinnacle of achievement of the modernist painters of his time? These questions strike at the heart of post-modernism. And answering them may never be an easy task for any art historian. Jackson Pollock was born in Cody, Wyoming and moved to […]

Are You a Daydream Believer?

Are you a believer?  Are you a daydream believer? Are you finding yourself getting bored in certain areas of your life or with certain tasks you have set? Perhaps it’s time to make your life more challenging: make it more complex or shoot for a higher level of performance. If you’re stymied in your job, […]

Starting a Successful Art Blog – You Only Get to Keep What You Give Away

Have you ever thought about what was at the heart of a successful art blog? Have you ever wondered about the real essence of an art blog, what are the guiding and underlying principles that will make it a true success? A lot of artists out there trying to start up their art blog and […]