Is It Too Late For You To Become An Artist?

Ohann Wolfgang von Goethe, artist
Ohann Wolfgang von Goethe completed "Faust" at age eighty.

Have you wanted to start your artistic career, but felt that the timing was wrong or that it was too late?

Do you ever feel like your real chances to be an artist have all passed you by?

It is never too late to start moving your life in the direction of your choices.

I have met many people in their seventies, and even eighties, who were able to modify certain aspects of their life circumstances and make their later years truly golden ones by following their artistic dreams.

Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote some of his best works when he was in his seventies.  Goethe completed Faust at eighty.  And Titian painted his historic masterpiece, The Battle of Lepanto, at age ninety-eight.

To find these talents you must be willing  to try a variety of activities until you find the ones that click for you; since ultimately, satisfaction comes from making the most of your own specific talents and capabilities.

Finding Your Way in Your Own Time as an Artist

Duplicating what others have done can never give you the gratification that developing your own interests can, nor can anyone tell you what is your best choice.

To understand the idea of developing your own interests better, please read my blog post:  Artists - Do You Always Insist on Yourself?

When you take a journey, you keep moving, trying to cover as much territory as possible. Each day you get up early in anticipation of new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.

Some days are good and some are rotten, but each one offers new opportunities, and if you keep moving, you are bound to have some good times along the way.

In addition, the more you travel, the better you get at it. You learn to handle foreign currencies without getting ripped off.  Or you learn where to drink the water and where not to.  And then you learn what kinds of sites turn you on and which ones you’d just as soon avoid.

When I first began traveling, I always went to the recommended places, the “right” spots on the map.  But as I continued, I found more and more that the places I was supposed to see just didn’t interest me, so I gradually learned to revise my itinerary, to make my own markings on the map.

Now I plan my trips with me in mind and leave the tours to the neophytes.


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  1. walterpaulbebirian

    well – since I have not even come close to my seventies I am extremely thankful for this article – I am not ready to find out what I am going to do yet at that age since I am still so wrapped up with what I am doing at this moment in time – long live the moments in between now and then!! 🙂

  2. Tracy Algar

    And I thought I was a late starter in my forties…

  3. Rina

    Thank you for this post!
    I found your site when looking comparison of different oil paint brands. I used to do oil-painting when I was in my twenties, had a artist mentor and couple of exhibitions. But my other life was too busy and I haven’t been painting for years.
    Now I’m on my path to start the oil-painting journey again in my late forties and was thinking it was too late to do real progress. Thanks to your post, i do not hesitate no more!

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