Secrets of New York City Art Galleries – More Level 4 Galleries

New York City Art Galleries
Gallery Henoch in the Chelsea Arts District of Manhattan is a true "Level 4" art gallery

Art galleries in major markets such as New York City can be difficult to understand.  There are a wide range of galleries in these markets and each one can cater to a very specialized market.

There are levels to these galleries, what I call the "Pyramidal Hierarchy" in my ebook  "Secrets to Selling Art."    With so many galleries operating all at different levels, it can be truly a difficult task unraveling the true picture of it all.

One level that I describe in my ebook is the "Level 4" art gallery.  "Level 4" galleries are the flagship galleries of the mainstream art world.  They are often called the "Power Players" of the art world.

They are well-connected to what I like to refer as "The Vital 3-C's."  This stands for:

  1. Critics
  2. Collectors
  3. Curators

Below is a video where I walk through Gallery Henoch in the Chelsea Arts District of Manhattan.   This video was taken in the downstairs gallery and shows some of the gallery's stable of artists.

You can see the quality of work is extremely high.  You can also see that Gallery Henoch represents artists who are realist painters.  But they also represent artists who have more of a impressionistic style.  So from this video, you can gather that Gallery Henoch represents a somewhat diverse style of art.

Secrets of New York City Art Galleries

The galleries in the Chelsea Arts District are some of the finest in the world, and encompass Level 1 to Level 4 art galleries.

In my eBook "Secrets to Selling Art," I give you the basics to understand the gallery hierarchy in large art markets such as the Chelsea Arts District in New York City. This is one of the main chapters in my ebook. And I go into a lot of detail to describe the 4 main levels of galleries.  Click here to read more about Secrets to Selling Art.

These revolutionary ideas are my own and have come from years of examining the New York City art galleries. I think it's extremely important to understand the levels of galleries because I see so many artists get stuck in the lower level galleries. Their careers don't move forward because they don't understand that they are operating in a very low-level gallery. A low-level gallery can't help your career very much.

Here are some of the key factors that make up a true Level 4 art gallery:

  1. 10 years or longer in business
  2. Well-connected to the "Vital 3-C's" which stands for Critics, Curators, Collectors
  3. Are often referred to as "The Power Players" of the mainstream art world
  4. Has a Worldwide reputation

The whole point of your art career is to move up through the gallery hierarchy into the premier Level 4 galleries. You are not, of course, going to begin your career in a Level 4 gallery such as Gallery Henoch in Chelsea.   But your career path should certainly take you there in time.  Secrets to Selling Art gives you a clear strategy for getting there.

You begin your career in Level 1 galleries and gain experience and mastery of your craft there. Then, in time, you will gain the necessary connections and skills that will move you to the Level 4 galleries.

Again, these points are covered in-depth in the ebook.  I explain each gallery level and the steps you need to take to make it successfully through the  hierarchy into the upper level art galleries. Click here to read more about Secrets to Selling Art.

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