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Review: Current Exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you haven’t been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art lately, now is the time to go.  There are some beautiful exhibitions going on right now, but you need to hurry to catch them before they’re gone. I dropped by a couple of times during the last few weeks and was utterly amazed.   I saw […]

Networking for Career Success in New York City Art Galleries

Are you looking to grow your art career?  Do you want to become a professional artist?  I have three little words for you:  Network, Network, Network. Networking is the main way that business gets done in any industry around the world.  Networking is tried and true.  Nothing works better to grow your career than networking. […]

Getting to the Root of Your Artistic Frustrations

A couple of years ago in the fall, I started having this problem with flies in my house. It had gotten cold outside and they all wanted to come in where it was warm. I tried swatting them but they came back. Every day there would be more and more. My competitive alpha male lizard […]

Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Plaza

Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Plaza!!  There is no where more beautiful at Christmastime than New York City. And the iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree is New York City at its Christmas best. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock each year to this part of mid-town Manhattan to see the spectacular holiday sights. There is ice skating […]

Art and Science Meet at the Museum of Natural History

Sometimes when I visit the Museum of Natural History in New York City, I forget I’m in a science museum.  When I’m there, I feel like I’m in an art museum.  It’s hard to separate the science from the art. There are many world-class artists of all kinds who contribute to the museum.  I’m not […]

Why It’s Never Been a Better Time for Artists

Did you know that right now we’re living in an incredible era of growth for artists, writers, musicians, dancers, actors, playwrights, and creative types of all kinds? Did you know that this is only the beginning of the online and offline revolution for creators and talents of every type? Why?  How? Over the last three […]

Secrets of New York City Art Galleries – More Level 4 Galleries

Art galleries in major markets such as New York City can be difficult to understand.  There are a wide range of galleries in these markets and each one can cater to a very specialized market. There are levels to these galleries, what I call the “Pyramidal Hierarchy” in my ebook  “Secrets to Selling Art.”    […]

Artists: Do You Have A Killer USP?

Flaccid USP Warning Sign #3 is when: Your customer is more in control of the transaction than you are. He DEMANDS terms, concessions, price & delivery. When the receptionist puts his call through, she says, “Fidel Castro on line 2.” Do people call you up or email you and say, “I want this list of […]