Buying and Selling Art – NOT Rational

Buying and selling art is not rational
Buying and selling is not rational.

One time an art gallery owner, Nick, told me: "My WIFE makes EMOTIONAL decisions. Like when she buys a vacuum sweeper. But I make LOGICAL decisions."

I asked, "You only make logical decisions, Nick? All your cars and investments and business purchases are completely rational. Is that right?"

"That's absolutely right."

(Just the week before we'd been walking down the street. I was listening to him tell me how he was going to buy full page ads in every major art magazine. They were all going to say his art gallery's name in big bold letters. EVERYONE was going to know who we were.)

"Nick, you are a walking skinbag of emotions. As a matter of fact, you're one of the most emotional people I've ever met!"

I could see steam coming out of his ears.

"Nick, you're getting emotional NOW!"

Even though I was the #1 marketing guy, he still tried his best to chop my legs off. But I digress.

Buying and Selling Art - NOT Rational

This morning on a group coaching call, Jean-Paul from London asked me:

"I've got this lady who's nickel and diming me to death on this portrait commission project, yet she's got a carpenter crafting her an expensive custom desk for her office."

I said to him, "As a marketer, you've got one foot in the logical, rational world of propositions and business sense. And your other foot is in the land of the bizarre psycho reasons why anybody buys anything."

Jean-Paul, is the lady going to buy from you because in the portrait, all the I's are going to be dotted and all the T's are going to be crossed?

...Or is she going to buy from you because you're her ONE chance of getting the most beautiful family heirloom possible?

The best way to sell is with BOTH. Emotion AND logic. Emotion to motivate, logic to justify. It's the finest form of alchemy.

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