‘Boy, Do I Feel Crabby!’

Boy, do I feel crabby! Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip
"Boy, do I feel crabby!"

In one episode of the Peanuts comic strip, Lucy announces, "Boy, do I feel crabby!"

Her little brother, Linus, is quick to try to rescue his sister.  "Maybe, I can be of help.  Why don't you just take my place here in front of the TV while I go and fix you a nice snack? Sometimes we all need a little pampering to help us feel better."

Then Linus brings her a sandwich, a few chocolate chip cookies, and some milk.

"Now is there anything else I can get you?" he asks.  "Is there anything I haven't thought of?"

"Yes, there's one thing you haven't thought of," Lucy responds.  And then she screams in his direction, "I don't want to feel better!"

Lucy exemplifies a characteristic I see in a lot of people.  They don't really want to change.

Feeling Crabby Because You're Feeling Stuck

Even the most miserable work seems to offer a sense of comfort that makes them reluctant to risk substantial change.  We all have things in our histories that we cannot change.  We can't change our nationality, our parents, or our previous health problems.

But we have the ability to change our thinking and our attitudes today in order to create a more satisfying tomorrow.

No one needs to feel trapped in a dead-end job--there are too many choices available.  It doesn't matter if you trained to be a plumber, an assembly-line worker, a physician, a dentist, or a schoolteacher.

It's never too late to change careers, or change things about your current career to make it a better fit.  There are enough opportunities to personalize your work and make it the most visible expression of your purpose on earth.

Most of us attach an unrealistic amount of meaning to our jobs.  Ironically, although we may see our jobs as merely the means to a paycheck, we are also likely to see them as defining features of who we are.

But if we have no identity apart from our jobs, we are truly vulnerable.  Recognize that your calling involves more than your job or your work.

 You have a calling which exists only for you and which only you can fulfill. -- Dr. Naomi Stephen

If you have a story of moving from one career to another, please share it in the comments below.

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