Is Your QWERTY Holding You Back?

QWERTY keyboard
The QWERTY keyboard was designed to make typing more difficult.

Do you know what QWERTY is?  Unsure?

Then just glance down at your computer keyboard.  The first six letters at the top left spell it out---QWERTY.

Do you know that these letters were arranged that way to make the job of typing more difficult?

The first commercial typewriter, developed by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1873, originally had keys that were arranged alphabetically.  However, a problem soon arose.   People became so adept at using the keyboard that the typewriter keys would jam when struck in quick succession.

In order to overcome this problem, Sholes decided to make typing as slow as he could.  He placed the most frequently used keys as far from one another as he could.

His keyboard became known as the QWERTY keyboard.

Today, every aspect of your computer is designed for maximum speed and efficiency---you simply cannot out-type the speed your keyboard is capable of handing.  But we continue to use a speed trap---a keyboard design that's over 130 years old.

The only reason:  we have become accustomed to having things in a certain way and are very resistant to change.

This is a classic example of maintaining the status quo---doing things they way they've always been done---without asking, "Why are we doing this?"

I see people sending out one hundred resumes, then sitting back and waiting for job offers---that's an old, ineffective model. 

People who are looking for job offers with "security and predictability,"  guaranteed benefits, and retirement plans are following an old model that is diminishing rapidly.  We're not going to see it again.

Before long, most people will be responsible for their own insurance, retirement, and other benefits.

What Are the Qwerty Keyboards in Your Life?

What things are you continuing to do that are no longer effective but have become so habitual you do them anyway?

Are you still living and planning your life on old models that are outdated?

The old model of "job security" is changing as the world evolves into a global economy.  The online revolution is replacing the old model from the industrial age.  We are now in the information age.

The Online Revolution: Will you lead or fall behind?

New models pay for results, not time.   That's why I created Smart Art Marketing Pro, an online multimedia course and members-only forum.

Smart Art Marketing Pro is designed to give you the tools and know-how to create your own "job security" online.

What things are you doing to join the online revolution?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Scott Branden

    Very interesting Garry. Its an Entrepreneur Revolution indeed!

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