How to Write an Art Blog Even if You Hate to Write

Writing an art blog can be stressful at times
Even the best writers face insecurity and anxiety when they sit down to write. And for a not-so-good writer, it can be even worse.

Are you thinking about starting an art blog or email newsletter? But are you hesitant to start because you hate to write? Or are you afraid you don't have time to write?

Let's face it, this is at the heart of why we put off getting that art blog or email newsletter going in the first place, isn't it? Or if we did get it started, we put off writing the kind of solid content that gets us where we want to be. We do link posts and fluff and re-hashes of someone else's good content.

Even the best writers face insecurity and anxiety when they sit down to write an art blog. And for a not-so-good writer, it can be even worse.

All that anxiety and brain damage does you no good. It won't give you the energy to be a better writer. It won't put fire in your belly. It just keeps you from writing. Or if you do overcome your nerves and get started, it makes your writing stilted and stiff.

Here are some tools and techniques to banish writing anxiety forever. You don't need that heartburn, so let's get rid of it.

Writing an Art Blog:  The Faster, Easier Way

Does the thought of sitting down at that keyboard make you sick to your stomach?

No problem at all.

There is a terrific service called SpeakWrite. You might start by scribbling a few rough notes about your topic, to collect your thoughts.

Then you call the service on the phone and just say what you want to say. Remember, it's a conversation--pretend you're recording a voicemail message for one of your customers.

SpeakWrite transcribes your message and emails it back to you, typically within 2 hours. The charge? 1.25 cents a word for general, non-legal work. That's $1.25 for every 100 words.

The article you're reading today would have cost me less than $7 to dictate and transcribe. When you start to realize how much time you can save, that is wonderfully cheap.

There's also software that can do this for you. The one most people use is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. If you love this technique, it may be worth the investment (in both money and time--you need to "train" the system to recognize your speaking voice). It's sold on Amazon and at most software vendors.

A lot of the major "Internet guru" marketers use this technique, not necessarily because they don't like to write, but because it saves a huge amount of time. 20 minutes of speaking is about 8 pages, which can easily take 3 to 4 hours to write.

Not only that, the writing is actually more fluid, because it comes directly from the spoken voice.

Now I love writing and I still believe it has value. But if you don't write for the love of it, give these dictation tools a try. I think you'll find they transform your writing dread into excitement and enthusiasm.

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