How to Hit ‘Escape Velocity’ in Your Art Career

Launching an art career is like launching the space shuttle
Launching your art career is like launching the space shuttle

Have you ever thought about how tough it is to hit “escape velocity” when you’re getting your art career going?

Everyone might define that differently, but for me it was about building an art career I could rely on, one that didn’t wake me up every morning at 4:00 a.m. freaking out with stress.

No matter how you define success, until you get there, you don’t know you’re going to succeed.

Usually, you’re trying a hundred things and you don’t know which one will make the difference. And you don’t know who to listen to and who’s just a fast-talking chuckle-head whose stuff sounds good in theory.

The Easier Way to Launch Your Art Career

The way to make it 1000 times easier? Find a friend to work with, a small accountability group of like-minded artists in your community, or a larger group or forum to give you advice and support.

I have an email newsletter called [OptinLink id=4]Smart Art Marketing. [/OptinLink].  Through this newsletter and my other artist forums, you can find a safe haven of like-minded others where you can share and grow as an artist.  It's completely free and gets you connected to other artist friends fast.

Wherever you find them, the key is to find other folks who can give you perspective. Who can help you work through decisions when you feel truly stuck. Who can have faith in you, when your own faith in yourself is looking a little thin.

I’ll tell you now that I’m not sure I would have been able to go the distance without the loving support of my close artist friends and members of my family. (Thanks so much, dear friends.) They helped me stay stubborn, they reminded me to stay on track, and they believed in me.

And you know, they still give me pep talks when I have rough days.

By the way, if there’s a lot of “who” missing from your life, I’ll tell you a secret: there’s nothing like doing what you love to attract the people you need. Get your art career show on the road, and you’ll find that a lot of people want parts in it.


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