Understanding New York City Art Galleries: Level 4 Art Galleries

New York City Art Galleries:  Gallery Henoch
Gallery Henoch is a true Level 4 art gallery in New York City

Have you ever wanted to understand how New York City Art Galleries are structured and how they operate?

New York City Art Galleries and galleries in the other large art markets such as Los Angeles, London, and Paris can be difficult to understand and put into their proper context.

There are around 1,500 art galleries in New York City operating at any given time.  In Manhattan you find them in Soho, Tribecca, Chelsea, The Village, the Lower East Side, and on 57th Street.  There are also galleries in Brooklyn, Queens, and the other boroughs.

In this article I am going to focus on the Level 4 art gallery in the major art market of New York City.  Below is a video of an opening I attended at Gallery Henoch.  Gallery Henoch is a true Level 4 art gallery located in the Chelsea Arts district of Manhattan.  I walk through the gallery in this video and you can get an idea of the quality of art that is being shown there.

Secrets of New York City Art Galleries

In my eBook "Secrets to Selling Art," I give you the basics to understand the gallery hierarchy in large art markets such as the Chelsea arts district in New York City.  This is one of the main chapters in my ebook. And I go into a lot of detail to describe the 4 main levels of galleries.  Click here to read more about Secrets to Selling Art.

These revolutionary ideas are my own and have come from years of examining the New York City art galleries. I think it's extremely important to understand the levels of galleries because I see so many artists get stuck in the lower level galleries. Their careers don't move forward because they don't understand that they are operating in a very low-level gallery. A low-level gallery can't help your career very much.

Here are some of the key factors that make up a true Level 4 art gallery:

  1. 10 years or longer in business
  2. Well connected with many major curators and art critics from major publications
  3. Many substantial art collectors who buy and fuel the gallery's business

The whole point of your art career is to move up through the gallery hierarchy into the premier Level 4 galleries. You are not, of course, going to begin your career in a Level 4 gallery.   But your career path should certainly take you there in time.  Secrets to Selling Art gives you a clear strategy for getting there.

You begin your career in Level 1 galleries and gain experience and mastery of your craft there. Then, in time, you will gain the necessary connections and skills that will move you to the Level 4 galleries.

Again, these points are covered in-depth in the ebook.  I explain each gallery level and the steps you need to take to make it successfully through the  hierarchy into the upper level art galleries. Click here to read more about Secrets to Selling Art.

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  1. Paula

    Thanks for the insight Gary. The paintings shown in your video were high quality but I’ve seen the same quality in many local small galleries like the one I currently show. The difference is, as an artist, are you hungry enough to put wheels on the road to find the next level up?
    This hungry artist needs to go start her car.

    1. Gary Bolyer Fine Art

      Thanks Paula for your comments. It’s always good to hear from you. You make a good point, is an artist hungry enough to do what it takes to grow the career? That’s always the first question you need to ask. Thanks again.

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