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An autoresponder sends your email newsletter automatically to your customers just like a conveyor belt.

Would you like to get and keep more art blog readers?

Have you ever been too busy to do good follow-up? Ever had health problems, or family emergencies, or just times when you were too busy to keep everything going the way you wanted to?

Has your project ever suffered because you were too busy to take care of new customers? If it hasn't happened to you yet, fasten your seat belt, because it will. As the bumper sticker says, Stuff happens.

(OK, that's not what the bumper sticker says, but I like to keep this G-rated.)

There is a terrific tool that can take care of new readers for you, starting with the first minute they sign up for your email newsletter. It answers their preliminary questions and resolves their most common objections. It holds their hands and patiently delivers great advice for solving their problems. And it never takes a sick day, gets tired or bored, or burns out.

That tool is called an email autoresponder. If you're not taking advantage of it now, you're going to go nuts over how well it can take care of your new readers. Every time.

An autoresponder delivers the authoritative, friendly, trust-building messages we've been talking about, in a sequence you can perfect over time, and it takes the same great care of your millionth reader that it did of your first reader.

The reason your art blog readers don't buy from you is because they don't know you and they don't trust you yet.  A consistently delivered email newsletter solves both of these main problems.

Here's your simple formula for creating more sales with an email newsletter:

Consistently Delivered Messages = Trust = Sales

The part I like best is that your very best content keeps working hard for you. With a blog, most readers may never find your all-time best post. On a Web site, your readers may choose a different path through your content than you would like. But an autoresponder provides your very best stuff, in the order you want, every time.

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So what goes into an autoresponder sequence?  I'm going to into a lot of detail about the content of your email messages and ideas on what you should say in my next article, so be on the lookout for that.

But the underlying formula is pretty straightforward, but with plenty of room for creativity and experimentation.

You start by figuring out where this new reader starts out when she shows up at your door.

You're going to start with "Point A." Where does your perfect reader start when she first finds you? What questions does she have? What keeps her from immediately signing up for your product or service? What's worrying her? What are her immediate needs? How about long-term needs?

Now paint another picture, of "Point B." Where do you want your perfect reader to end up? What products will she buy? What knowledge will she have? How will she use that knowledge? What additional services will she sign up for? Remember, this is your ideal scenario. What's your version of a grand-slam home run?

The last part of the exercise: What needs to happen to move that perfect reader from Point A to Point B? What does she need to learn?  And what does she need to take into account? Also, what concerns need to be put to rest? Does she need to get excited about?

Create an individual autoresponder message for every different point. Start with the most important points, of course. If the complete sequence is 183 messages long, that's ok. The reader will take as long as she needs to take. (And continuing to send her messages doesn't cost you any more than abandoning her does.) Your job is just to build the conveyor belt, whether it's long or short, that will move her there.

You don't have to launch your autoresponder with all 183 messages. Just go with the 5-10 you think are most important, then keep adding to the sequence over time.

I recommend Aweber for your email service. I think it's the Gold Standard of all the services out there.

Full Disclosure:  Aweber is an affiliate program and I make a small amount for each subscriber I send them.  I use Aweber for all of my email marketing campaigns. And I only recommend the highest quality products to my readers.

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  1. Patti Garland

    I couldn’t agree with you more, an auto-responder program is fantastic for business.

  2. Julian Lovegrove

    Agh! I’m already using Mailchimp = do they have a similar autoresponder programme?
    Surely I need more signups first? I only have about 40 in my list?


    Ρerfect work you hаve done, this web site is гeally cool ԝith wonderful information.

  4. Cylophin Rx

    Glad to be one of several visitants on this amazing web site :D.

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