5 Creative Ways to Share Your Art on Pinterest


share your art on pinterestAre you looking for creative ideas to share your art on Pinterest and drive traffic to your site?

Pinterest is a mainly a visual showcase, which makes it perfect for artists.  And if you’re wondering just how effective a great image can be in driving traffic to your website, read on…

Since the launch of Pinterest, bloggers and website owners have been amazed to see just how much traffic this social photo-sharing platform can generate for a site or particular post.

The power of Pinterest comes IF the image on the page or post is a real attention-grabber; in other words, “pinnable.”

So what are some ways you can create images that tell a story and intrigue the viewer, all in the split second they take to glance at it?

1. Create a digital portfolio of your work

Creating an online digital portfolio or gallery of your work is the most obvious way to use Pinterest.  But compiling images from your various sites on the web would be even better, as you are creating connections to your various work and licensed products across the internet. This will drive traffic back to those sites.

If you have a blog, write a post about one of your most stunning images.  Use lots of descriptive words to get indexed by the search engines.  Then "pin" your image.  If you've picked your most "pinnable" image, the link will drive huge amounts of traffic back to your blog.

2. Use as a reference pinboard

Use as a tool to gather ideas for your creative projects. Whether you are a graphic designer, illustrator, interior designer or painter, using this as a vision board/reference board for future artwork ideas or paintings is perfect!

There is no need to print out pictures or rip out magazines as it is digital and therefore portable! Set it up to show on your tablet or ipad as you work!

3. Create a progression board

Share the progress and development of your work with your clients, friends or audience. Want to share the evolution of an artwork or the completion of a project you are working on for a client? This is great for instant and complete overview in a visual state. Followers are able to like, repin, comment and even share your pin across other social networks.

4. Create a storyboard

Whether you are a book writer, animator or illustrator, this would be a great digital aid for the progress and adaption of your story project. Pin photos, notes and story progressions.

5. Create a crowdsource collaboration

If you are working with a team on a project or idea, this is great for sharing, collaboration and adaption of a project. Mulitiple contributors allow a team to share their content together on one board.

What do you think? Is your art business on board yet? A Pinterest board, that is… Share your biz pinning strategies in the comment box below.

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  1. Ann Lauwers

    Great idea Gary!!! I’ll be sure to get mine up and running soon. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comments Ann. I have just started my Pinterest account. I think it is great for artists. Thanks again.

  2. Carol Allen Anfinsen

    But are our paintings safe there, Gary, or can they be copied and used? I always wondered.

    1. Hi Carol, Good to hear from you again. I am not an expert in security issues regarding these sites, but I have not read or come across any statements concerning the problem you express. In a way I think that you could say that our images are not safe anywhere, that someone could copy them from most any site.

      Perhaps others could comment on this issue and we will learn about these concerns together. Thanks again.

  3. di

    The only thing you can really do is put a watermark or copyright name across the image if you are worried. 🙂

  4. Vanessa

    Yes, you can put a watermark or copyright name as Di said, but I have found that most times, watermarks, or any kind of mark on a photo, deters people from buying or viewing it. And remember, there is such thing as photoshop. You can erase so many things with photoshop and make it look as if it is perfect. Anybody who truly wants to spend the time to steal your image and use it will invest some time in “photoshopping” that watermark outta there.

    No image is safe online. It’s a big bad world wide web. Even if the site you are posting to has security options that do not allow somebody to right click and save that image, people can still take good ol’ screenshots of your image. Now granted, they aren’t going to be able to reproduce a high resolution image of that screenshot, so in a way that is still safer than nothing at all. Also, did you know that all your images are officially copyrighted the second you take that picture? That has been since 1988 so you will always be legally protected if somebody takes your image.

    I have been on Pinterest for a long time now and I have to say that yes, it is a fantastic way to help promote your art or any kind of business. I highly suggest using it. It’s so simple and effective. I created a pinterest account when it first came out and you had to be “invited” to use it. It has come a LONG way since then. Great post Gary. There are so many ways you can organize yourself on pinterest. But let me warn you, it can get extremely addicting! You can also invite others to collaborate on a board with you, so it’s great if you can join in on a board that has a similar product like yours where you can post your products and reach their established followers as well. I’m a big advocate of collaboration! I’m currently in the process of reorganizing all my boards. I have 40 boards and over 2500 pins! Would love to collaborate with others if you’re interested! 🙂

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