Are You Waiting for a Magic Bullet in Your Art Career?

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Are you frustrated in your art career because you have been waiting on a magic bullet? Stop, and start taking action.

Do you ever find yourself looking for more information than you need?

Do you catch yourself reading and reading (and clicking and clicking) and never taking action?

Are you caught in analysis paralysis?

Always continually getting ready, making plans, trying to figure it all out in your head so that you will be totally and completely prepared?

Still looking for the magic bullet–that one thing (as if there were one thing) that will propel your art career forward faster than you could have imagined?

There is no single thing you can do to “make it” in your art career.  A successful art career is the result of years of labor–both in and out of the studio.

A successful art career is the sum of hundreds and thousands of actions, regardless of how small the actions seem at the moment.

Stop! Stop gathering information, stop looking for something that doesn’t exist, and start doing.

It’s easy to get lost in the quest for knowledge. You search on the Internet, and one link leads to another. Before you know it, you can’t remember what you were looking for.

This is a sign that you’re either procrastinating on taking action, or you aren’t focused on your goal. It’s also an indication that it’s time to stop gathering information and start taking action. There are two other signs that you have the know-how you need.

1) Messages start repeating themselves. It never hurts to hear something multiple times in order to learn it, but it does hurt to hear something multiple times and not act on or benefit from the knowledge.

2) You have consumed multiple viewpoints and maybe even conflicting advice. It’s useful to have more than one opinion about how to do something. Sure, this might create confusion, but it will also force you to make a decision about what’s best for you.

Don’t stop gathering knowledge forever, but catch yourself. If you find yourself getting lost in a sea of information and advice, it’s time to call forth your wise inner self and give it a voice: “I have the knowledge I need. I can get to work now.”

KNOW THIS———-~> You have the knowledge you need to accomplish a great deal.

THINK ABOUT THIS—~> Have the messages been repeating themselves? Are you hearing the same thing over and over again?

DO THIS————~> Stop looking for knowledge that you already have and then get to work. Listen to your wise inner self. If you get stuck, you can return to your information bank and review what you know.

Got a story to tell about gathering information? Tell us about it

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  1. Anne Bevan

    Hi Gary,
    I hope your knee is healing up well and you are on the way to a complete recovery.
    And thanks for this post – short and sweet — well maybe even a little terse and tart – just what is needed to stop your reader’s and snap them to attention.
    I am definitely guilty of the “way too much research, almost no development” syndrome when it comes to building an online presence. I’m sure I have a story to tell, but for now, just quickly I’ll say it is like having waaaay too many clothes in your closet and sitting in your jammies all day because you can’t decide what to wear! The way I am taking control of both situations is really the same – Every day must contain at least one definite, positive action step. No excuses. However small it may be, and usually the satisfaction is so inspiring that many small steps (or even one or two long-awaited big ones!) are taken.
    Best wishes,

    1. Gary Bolyer Fine Art

      Thanks Anne and good to hear from you. My knee is almost 100% back to normal. I will be returning back to New York City on December 21. You must TAKE ACTION. NO MORE EXCUSES. No Knight in Shining Armor is coming to save you. It’s the only way your career will move ahead. Thanks again.

      1. Anne Bevan

        almost 100% – wonderful! the blessings of modern medicine.
        btw, if you visit my FB page you will see the “Knight in Shining Armor” standing guard in my barn – and my realization that I also have waaaay too many paintings waiting in there!
        Beautiful NYC at Christmastime – enjoy

  2. Kelly

    Thanks for this, made me laugh (the laughter of recognition of course..)! I read a lot of blogs, art marketing newsletters, update my social media pages daily, listen to podcasts, etc. What it seems to boil down to for me is to focus on creating the best work I can and continually improving my skills and balancing that with “getting it out there” the best I know how, and making choices about what I can do with the time and resources (i.e. computer skills and money) that I’ve got. A delicate balancing art, but like creating work, I think I’ve come to accept that it’s just a process that I’m learning from and honing as I go.

    Thanks again for this post, a good reminder to get to work and make my choices daily.

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