Is Your Art Business Ready for the Coming Decade? I’ve Got a Secret to Share With You

Over a billion people will reach middle-class status worldwide in the next decade. Are you ready to get your share of this internet explosion?

“Come, my friends,
'Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Are you ready for me to tell you one of my most cherished and exciting secrets?

I think you are.  You've followed along with me this far on my blogging journey.  We're old friends, you and I.

It's time for me to tell you an "inside" secret.  Take a deep breath because this is nothing like I've ever shared with you before.  Okay, enough of the suspense, here it is:  The next decade is going to be glorious for you.

Why am I saying this?  The world economy looks so bleak right now.  The alarmists and naysayers are predicting doom and gloom.  It's the end of the world, they say.  Demonstrators are protesting in nearly every major country.

The activists have even invaded Wall Street.

Yes, things look a little shaky right now.  But here's the real truth:  The world economy is just going through some growing pains.

Things are changing.

We're becoming a global economy and the internet is leading the way.

Here is the good news for you, why I know you are going to do so well in the coming decade.

You are a savvy artist. You are a creator.  You are learning internet selling skills.  You are one of the new explorers, sailing like a modern-day Christopher Columbus into the virtual world of commerce.  You are going to create your websites and sell your art products to the entire world. You are going to tip the old world order on its head.

The old world order was based on the super-wealthy elite who controlled the few material resources of the world, such as oil, wood products, gold and other commodities.

But the new world order will be based on those who can control the greatest resource of all: The human mind. 

Just you alone, sitting there with nothing more than your laptop, you are going to transform the world with your genius.  You are going to be reaching out to the billion or more people who will enter the middle class worldwide in the coming decade.

You are going to control the greatest resource on earth "The Human Mind" by mastering the persuasive art of selling.

A new mega-wealthy will arise.  And you are going to be leading the way.

I am excited about the future, for you and for all of us.  A billion people will be coming into the middle class worldwide in the next decade.  That's enough people to generate a lifetime of business for you, for me, for every artist who will ever read this blog.  And we don't even have to be afraid of competing with each other.  I could never reach all those billions.  That's why I've been so eager to share with you everything I know.  There's more than enough art business for all of us.

So stand up and take a bow, my friend.  And get ready for what the world is about to spill into your lap.

Tell your friends, tell everyone.  Share the joy of this good news right now.  You can even sing it to the moon!!!!

You see, the party's just beginning.

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  1. apocalypseicons

    Maybe so, but then instead of a few there will be many whose aim it is to just make money. An icon writer’s world is topsy turvey just like St. Francis’ , who by giving of everything then everything that is truly important comes back in return. You don’t have to control people’s minds to give…. and eternity is far longer than our life in this world. Live simply with humility – there is a surprising amount of joy to be found there that no amount of sales can buy. But I do like reading your posts, young man.

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