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I'd love to find out how my blog is helping you. To be more specific, I want to find out what topics you like to see me write about, so I can do more of that.

If you have some time, would you mind taking this brief poll?

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If you can give a few details in the comments below, that would be even better.

- How has my blog helped make your art, art marketing, or appreciation of the arts better?
- Can you describe a technique you read about here that you applied to your own art or art business? What was the result?
- What topics would you like to see me write more about?
- Would you recommend this blog to a friend? If so, why?

Thanks so much! Hope you're having a fantastic and productive day.


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  1. Sarah

    To be honest Gary I have just found your blog on linked-in and so am not really in the position to comment about previous blogs. I am however finding my way – all be it slowly – as an artist. If your blogs can give me advice or tips to spur me on in this lonely game then I thank you…
    I am a watercolourist, so tend to research in that medium and have been using ‘Wet-on-Wet watercolour painting’ by Ewa Karpinska for an understanding of the water cycle – fabulous book!!!!!
    I shall now that I have linked with your blog give it a go…
    Regards Sarah Orchard –

      1. Sarah

        Thank you…
        Hope that you don’t mind but I used a bit of your blog on Facebook re: Lily Tonlins as i thought it very apt, and recommended that people read your whole article!
        I presume I get an email on a ?daily? basis…Regards
        Sarah Orchard

  2. ebrahim fleep

    I am most interested in learning about painting techniques, how to paint and draw.

  3. Tom Estlack

    I too, have found your blog only recently, but I do like the type of content you have so far.

  4. Russ Flint

    Hi Gary,

    I took your poll. Hope it helps. I enjoy reading your blog. I know it is not
    easy to keep up with. I admire the job you do.

    Russ Flint

  5. Sue Martin

    Gary, though I’m most interested in marketing, I also like articles about technique and to see the work of other artists who have succeeded in developing their own style or voice as artists. Good luck!

    1. Gary Bolyer Fine Art

      Hi Sue- Thanks a lot for your input. Your suggestions will help all of us. Thanks again.

  6. Anne Bevan

    Hello Gary,
    I’m so pleased to be connected to you via Linked In. re: what am I most interested in – currently, I’m exploring the possibility of prints as a marketing tool (paper, giclee, cardstock, posters etc). I often participate in charity functions, (silent auctions etc.) and will be hosting open house at my studio/”gallery”. I find, at these events, folks appreciate having a selection of affordable small works to choose from. For these I work with local printer who is great but it is costly and actually quite time consuming.
    I notice you offer your work for sale as giclee on the internet. I would certainly love reading about how you chose the online service you are using and any opinions you may have about the various online printers that are out there. ie, have you found significant variability in quality, pricing, etc? . . . might be a good topic of discussion among your readers, too.
    I really appreciate what you are doing here.

    1. karenlongden

      Hi Gary and Anne,
      Anne’s comment about prints interested me also as I am investigating this option but get mixed opinions on the Net. I agree with Anne that it’s perhaps a good topic for a blog post Gary. Am I correct in what I’ve ascertained online that it’s ok if you make prints of your art and sell them through your own channels e.g. your website or gallery but you never allow other companies to license the work who offer a Print on Demand service? Your professional input would be valuable on this issue.
      Re your poll, being an artist and blogging about art also, I’m personally more interested in the selling of art side more than the technical one, only because I am at the stage where I realize being an artist means you’re a business person also and I am struggling with this part, but I do enjoy all your posts. However, I shall complete your poll now also…just being so curious about anything to do with art, I like to read other people’s comments and got side-tracked!! Warmest regards to you Gary and looking forward to reading your wise words again soon.

      1. Gary Bolyer Fine Art

        Hi Karen – Thanks so much for your comments and it’s always good to hear from you. Regarding the issue of print on demand service, I would need to do some research on this. Certainly selling from your own website or blog is fine, as this is what I do. Licensing, I think, should be okay, as long as you get good legal advice from a lawyer competent in this area. There are attorneys in New York City who work just for artists and charge no fees. Seek out these attorneys. Perhaps I will write a blog about it once I have researched it a bit more.

  7. Frans Commelin

    i use blogs for information about new techniques and to read about other artists, their work and inspiration.

  8. Lisa Rodriguez


    I appreciate reading about other artists’ works. I love to see artwork in progress and am inspired by those who are able to paint on a regular basis and are consistently inspired to produce. I feel as though I work best when I am “in the mood” or “under pressure.” I’m not sure though that it isn’t just a lazy attitude, or maybe that I am a homeschooling mom as well and have a full plate. 🙂 I love to paint and I really do enjoy the journey of it all. Each painting is an adventure! I guess that’s why I enjoy reading posts about the how’s and why’s of it all and being able to peer through the eyes of another artist and see what they see, if only for a moment. And when it’s captured on camera and an artist shares the steps of the journey by blogging about it… well, that’s just awesome!! Sharing the experience… isn’t that what it’s all about? Hope that helps.

    Enjoyed your blog
    Here’s another that I love to follow:

    Best Regards,

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