I’m Back……


Hello everyone.  I'm back!!!!!

Gary Bolyer's Back

The recovery from my knee surgery is going great.  And I've never felt better.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you again and reading your interesting comments.

And I'm already working on some killer ideas for new articles that I will be posting in the days to come.  So keep checking in.  And if you're a subscriber, watch for my new articles in your email inbox.

It's good to be back.....

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  1. Robin Miller

    Glad your surgery went well and look forward to you “killer” ideas! 🙂

  2. Kathy LeCompte

    I’ve read almost all of your blogs, they’re very interesting. I have a son who is a graphic artist, but I don’t think he’s tapped into his most achievable potential. It was my plan to send him to RISDY (sp), but illness forced me to leave my job, and that dream never came to fruition. I have a great interest in art as well, but am not nearly as talented as my son.

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