Gary Bolyer’s 5 Most Inspirational Art Blogs of All Time

inspirational art blogs
Gary Bolyer, Kick-ass Inspired  American Artist

Do you want to know the most inspirational art blogs?

Okay, so you want to be inspired?

You want to feel something don't you?

You want to feel it in your bones?

Then you must read these 5 inspirational art blogs that I have written.

If you don't know what I've been writing about lately, then you are just yesterday's leftover tuna fish.  I'll see you at the sandwich bar.....uh....maybe.

Inspirational Art Blogs

1. A Prayer for Andy Warhol

I've stood on sacred ground.  I've been where he has been.  I've stood where he has stood. And I have to admit I got a little choked up.

2. Beauty Only Comes by Grace...

Someone once told me that beauty only comes by grace.

3. The Best Advice I Ever Got.

Here is the best advice I ever got on how to live a life.  This ain't your mama's pumpkin pie.

4. Don't Be Fickle. Don't Change Directions.

As America and the world faces it's greatest challenges, we need to hold fast to our convictions.  We need to remember who we are.

5. A Prayer for Lucian Freud.

Lucian Freud, who died in 2011, is remembered in this essay.

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  1. fstop123

    Awesome blog perhaps you would be interested in helping me develop my blog @ I would appreciate any advice and or comments you could offer. Regards Scott

    1. Gary Bolyer Fine Art

      Hi Scott – I would certainly be willing be take and look at your blog and offer comments. I will contact you through your email. Thanks for your comments.

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