Gary Bolyer’s Top 5 Kick-Ass Art Blogs of All Time

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Gary Bolyer, Kick-ass American Artist

Do you want your art career to totally kick-ass?

Do you want to be an art star of the highest order?

Then these 5 art blogs that I have written are totally must-reads.

If you don't know what I've been writing about lately, then you are just yesterday's leftover tuna fish.  I'll see you at the sandwich bar.....uh....maybe.

1. The 7 Deadly Sins of Artists

Commit these 7 deadly sins at your own peril.  This blog will help keep you out of art hell.

2. 9 Top Oil Paints Rated for the Serious Oil Painter

When you paint with the hippest and sexiest paints, then and only then are you truly kicking ass with your art.

3. Do You Make These 5 Costly Mistakes Selling Your Art?

Here's a head's up for you:  If you are an artist, just please try not to suck.

4. 5 Best Ways to Sell Your Art and Make the Most Money

Making money is sexy.  Making art is sexy.  Making money making art is, well, damn sexy.

5. The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Artists.

Being an artist is the sexiest thing you can be.  Here's how to really pump it, baby.

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  1. carole guthrie

    Gary: I found you from Linked-in…..I totally agree with you about the Hopper….It’s my least favorite of his work….not like “Nighthawks” which gives me a feeling of loneliness. I also noted on my September Kandinsky callendar that even the famous ‘guys’ do pretty bad stuff! Oh well, these observations should make the aspiring artist take heart! I hope you look at my work on I’ve been making a hit in hospitals, although it’s hard to sell a red painting….regards, Carole

    1. Gary Bolyer Fine Art

      Hi Carole- Hopper is one of my favorite artists. His work does leave you with a sense of “loneliness.” Thanks for your comments and I will take a look at your site.

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