I apologize for not blogging much lately…..


Hello everyone,

I apologize for not blogging much lately.  As you may remember I had knee surgery and have been taking time to heal.

Also, I moved back to Louisiana to give myself some much-needed rest.

So keep checking back.

Thanks for your patience,



  1. Take good care of yourself…..and hope your healing process goes quicker than you thought it might have!!

  2. No worries, Gary…
    It can be a painful surgery, and the best medicine is to rest and allow the knee to heal!
    Take care,

  3. betsy gordon says:

    Did you have a knee replacement Gary?

  4. I can relate.I had surgery 2 years ago.I hope you have a full recovery.I did not and it has impacted my ability to paint out of doors.Happy holidays and take it easy.

  5. Knees are important. You walk on them and use them to exercise and surgery recovery very uncomfortable. Please take care!

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