Top 6 Ways to Create Texture in Oil Painting


Have you ever wanted to experiment and create texture in oil painting? If you want to create texture in oil painting, this can be a challenge as there as so many options from which to choose.

Oil color, with its mediums, lends well to glazing techniques with a smooth varnished finish. However, there are a large variety of texture effects that can be attained in oil painting using traditional techniques like impasto, or simply through experimentation. This article will browse through the several popular oil painting effects, and how they can be used to create texture in oil painting.

Here are My Top 6 Ways to Create Texture in Oil Painting

1) Impasto

Prepare yourself with tons of oil color before embarking on an impasto oil painting journey.

You can create texture in oil painting with impasto

Impasto brush marks showing thick application of paint

Impasto is the technique of applying large quantities of paint with a brush or palette knife, usually with a very gestural quality. The effect is a three-dimensional aspect to the surface.

Often, specific mediums created for impasto painting are used to increase the thick texture of the paint while slightly reducing the amount of paint that would otherwise have been applied directly from the tube. Such mediums, like oleopasto, are also helpful in aiding in the drying process as they hold their shape as the paint dries.

Sometimes impasto can be used in traditional painting if done lightly in only certain pinnacle areas, like bright highlights.

Most effective application – Color mixed with oleopasto medium; no drying oils or solvents; palette knife or large brush

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